Hello! We are WOMAN SCREAM

An international arts festival that unites the voices of the world in solidarity, to pay a tribute to women and advocate against women violence. We are a brand of ongoing projects with a women’s seal.

How to collaborare with WS?


We often keep you informed of all the wonderful things we have achieved all these years throughout the world. There are still many things we want to achieve. That is why we want you to get involved with our cause, in the best way you deem possible. This page will give you lots of ideas on how you could contribute to Woman Scream cause.

Through your help, the brand will be able to implement ideas and projects that involve women from all society sectors, including campaigns, calls, recitals, collective projects, etc.

Take Part

Take Part

Hundreds of people in various countries have joined our projects in solidarity. With your help, we can make it possible.

Our Brand

Our Brand

The Grito de Mujer® brand promotes projects with a women's seal around the world.

Meet our brand

Conoce la marca GM
Grito de Mujer® is a brand that It embraces various collective collaborative projects, all related to women and girls rights. The GM brand represents and supports campaigns that benefit all initiatives we have created. (The distribution of the brand and its logo are for exclusive use of our foundation, its distribution or reproduction is prohibited by law).

About our brand


Learn all details of our events and happenings around the world.

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Here our team will answer your most frequent questions

1. What is Woman Scream?

Grito de Mujer is a brand created by the Dominican writer and designer, Jael Uribe, with the aim of promoting, through collective projects, messages of respect, self-esteem and non-violence against women. Woman Scream (Grito de Mujer) is also an international festival with a social mission that is celebrated during the month of March with the participation of individuals, groups, and charitable institutions from several countries that join efforts on a voluntary basis, to help us carry our message of hope in favor of of those who need it.

2. How can I participate in Woman Scream Events?

Every once in a while, our cause makes collective calls for participation for different projects. Each one is different given that each year we change the theme and format. To participate in the events of the festival, you should know that each event held is coordinated by different volunteers, each one manages their own agenda and makes their own call as needed. Most of the calls that we receive from our coordinators are open to participants and get published on our festival's Facebook fanpage. We recommend you follow us there to stay up to date.

3. How can I collaborate with the WS cause?

We want you to get involved with our cause in the way you consider possible, therefore, in the option "Join!" from our page's menu, you can find lots of ideas on how you could contribute.

4. When do the WS Festival events take place?

Woman Scream Festival is held annually, during the month of March, in observance of Women's History Month, from the 1st. to the 31st. The Grito de Mujer (Woman Scream) brand sometimes holds special events out of date, coordinated by our headquarters. Any event held on our behalf within or outside the month of March that are not listed on our calendar, it is not authorize by our team, therefore they are not part of our global chain. Please keep this in mind.

5. How much does it cost to participate in the festival?

Events of the Woman Scream Festival are free. There is no charge for participation or admission. When we hold special events or meetings from our headquarters that require a fee, we make it public. The events carried out by volunteers must be free to the general public, with some exceptions. In any case, prior authorization will be obtained from us.

6. How can I bring the Woman Scream Festival to my city?

If you want to become a WS volunteer coordinator of events, pay attention to our next call for coordination. It usually opens between November and February each year. You can make a proposal as long as the city of interest is not included in our list and as long as there is no other person coordinating on the same location. Each person or entity interested in being part of Woman Scream, must send their proposal or summarized idea requesting participation and subsequently, accepting our collaborators guidelines prior acceptance. Out of respect for our collaborators, we do not hold two events in the same city or nearby areas unless they are coordinated as a team effort or by the same person. We do not add events to our list just because. We seek to create a united team in respect for the work of those who support us and in great respect for our social mission. If you are interested in being part of the coordinating team, send us a message with the country and city of interest, using the contact menu on this page. All coordinators are volunteers. We do not offer monetary compensation besides the all support and promo from our team and a special certificate of appreciation for your support at the end of WS season.

6. What is not Woman Scream?

Woman Scream is not a compilation of isolated events. All the events of our chain are identified by our official image, poster or logo and its coordinators agree to comply with our established bases prior acceptance. We seek to work with a united team, far from individualism and the search for recognition, with motivation and initiative, in pursuit of a cause that transcends our personal interests. We seek to add events that truly represent us and help us take our message of hope further to those women in need.

7. Are there other ways to collaborate with WS Projects?

There are many ways to collaborate with our festival. Either by attending and sharing our events in the press, social networks, etc., or by making a donation, donating your art or talent, being part of our volunteer team, translating and proofreading our publications, as well as participating in any of our calls. You can find more details on how to help us spread the word in this page's menu.

8. How can I contact Woman Scream team?

Thanks for your interest. You can reach us in the contact menu of this page or sending a messages on any of our social networks. Remember that we receive assistance from different volunteers all the time and if we are in high season, it will take time to get an answer. You do not need to resend your mail. We'll respond in timely manner. We do not receive poems or writtem material, except when we publish a call for submission.