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Welcome to Woman Scream. We are the voices of the world united against women violence. International collective cultural projects with social responsibility. 
Are you ready to make a powerful statement through your art? The Woman Scream Festival (Grito de Mujer - Cri de Femme ) is calling out to artists, poets and institutions like yours to join us in spreading a message of hope and solidarity worldwide! Centered on a different motto each year, the Woman Scream Festival aims to raise awareness about the different forms of violence faced by women. We are on a mission to unite diverse artists and create a powerful impact through socio-cultural events hosted in various spaces.

We invite you to be a part of this transformative movement! Contribute your unique artistry and become an emissary for women who have experienced adversity. Whether you're a painter, musician, poet, dancer, or any form of artist, your voice can make a difference. If you're an institution passionate about our cause, we also welcome partnerships. Collaborate with us to create a meaningful impact and contribute to the festival's mission success. If you're ready to be part of this inspiring journey or explore many participation possibilities, please reach out. Let's discuss how your art can be a beacon of hope.

Save the Date: The Woman Scream Festival is celebrated during March, and we want your artistic expression to shine on our global stage! Join us in making a difference. Together, we can turn our creativity into a powerful tool: A scream for change! 

Woman Scream 1st International Meetup, Madrid 2016



 What you didn't know about Woman Scream
Woman Scream Festival (Grito de Mujer®) is a worldwide chain of events celebrated in March, the voices of the world (poets, artists, creators, influencers, groups and institutions) volunteer to honor women, promoting messages of self-esteem, respect, equality and rising voices against women violence. WS includes a variety of events for all ages and gender, such as: Conferences, art exhibits, poetry recitals, concerts, fairs, theater presentations, films, etc.

Woman Scream festival has been celebrated in over 70 countries since 2011, with over 1,000 successful events coordinated by volunteers. Woman Scream started at the Dominican Republic and spread throughout the world thanks to the work of women and men who joined our coordination team creating free events from their cities.

Woman Scream is celebrated annually, throughout the month of March (from 1st to 31st ). With an open call for events coordinators, participants and volunteers. Our calls are open around November 25th, to commemorate the International Day Against Women Violence, and remain until Feb 15th each year. Our coordinators has their own independent call for participation submission.

Our 2dn International Meetup. Mexico 2018


Woman Scream goal:

Our mission is to honor women and create a conscious call against women violence through any kind of artistic expressions to deliver our message throughout month of March.

Each coordinator follows simple guidelines upon approval, to guarantee the chain success. (No Woman Scream Festival's events are allowed without previous acceptance nor out of march).  
People interested in becoming part of Woman Scream, must send a brief proposal and request written guidelines before being considered part of our team.

Any gender, age or any form of art is welcome: visual artists, poets, musicians, performance, actors, film makers, dancers, etc, can join freely, as long as their performance is relevant to our cause themes and doesn’t attend against our values.

    • (Coordinators decide who can participate according to their agendas and program. They are also responsible for the quality of contents presented. Woman Scream does not chooses participants for third party's events).
    • We change WS themes annually to guarantee proper message is delivered. 

¿Who can coordinate Woman Scream Festival's events?

Woman Scream India

Any person, group or institution who wishes to join the cause and that commits to fulfill some simple guidelines to ensure the success of the chain
If you want to be part of this cause please send us your brief proposal and request Woman Scream guidelines. Our previous coordinators have preference over new solicitors, so make sure to include your city and country when you write to us, to check availability. Guidelines acceptance is a must to become part of our Woman Scream team.
  Woman Scream Bilbao, ESP

Woman Scream is not a Collection of random events, but a teamwork project. Send us your proposals or request additional information in the contact section. We are interested in events that  represent our cause best. WS is about quality, not quantity. 
Woman Scream 2022, Algeria.
Woman Scream 2023, Serbia

Woman Scream 2019, Norway


A bit of our History

Woman Scream
(Grito de Mujer) was born as a festival in 2011 but,
was created in 2010, by the poetess and designer, Jael Uribe at the Dominican Republic. The project was trusted to the Mujeres Poetas Internacional MPI, Inc, (Women Poets International Movement)
foundation, as an  international promoting and supporting platform for talented female poets, while integrating their art to create awareness against women violence. Throughout the years, Woman Scream extended its vision integrating all genders and artists, as part of our mission. Grito de Mujer is also a brand that embraces different projects, promotional items and ideas to benefit women causes created by Jael, that involve women's self-esteem campaigns as well. 

Woman Scream represents a socially viable and direct way of using poetry and arts in order to bring encouragement, injecting doses of self-respect to women all ages and reaching out families education through arts. Woman Scream is considered a platform for women's participation but, we allow men as well. We believe we are all part of this social mission to stop women violence together.

Woman Scream allows MPI’s followers and collaborators, specially women, to become volunteers event's coordinators, as a way to encourage leadership. That way, WS festival becomes a large human chain of people helping people deliver a change, touching one conscience at a time.

Woman Scream Nigeria, 2020

Woman Scream 2017 Dominican Republic

Bahía Blanca, MEX 2018

Pamplona, ESP 2019

Barcelona 2019
Monterrey, MEX 2019
Nigeria 2019
Puerto Rico 2019
Ghana 2019

Portugal, 2019
Woman Scream 2015, Athens, Greece        

Use of our logo
The use of the Woman Scream, Grito de Mujer® brand logo is subject to the Terms described in the guidelines and procedure manual for volunteer event coordinators of the festival's global chain.

The logo must not be used without permission of its creator or by our foundation by entities related or not to Woman Scream,
Grito de Mujer® Festival . The logo should not be used in events that in any way discredit or affect the image of our cause, nor in media where violent, sexist, political or any dubious graphic material is included, among other exceptions.

The Woman Scream,
Grito de Mujer® logo is not used to demonstrate support or participation through promotional products, commercial and/or salable resources, that right corresponds to the headquarters or its author solely.

The Woman Scream,
Grito de Mujer® logo must not be used on any products or merchandising, whether for private use or to generate commercial profits for selling products. The Woman Scream, Grito de Mujer® logo should also not be used in association with any type of harmful, violent, political or illegal activity.

For the creation of promotional items such as t-shirts, among others outside the festival headquarters, we allow the use of the festival's posters and the Women Poets International (MPI) logo solely. If you wish to contribute by acquiring our promotional items, you can access the store menu of this page.
Watch the launching video of Grito de Mujer® brand HERE

Thanks for contributing with our cause and screaming with us!  To learn more about how to contribute to the festival cause click HERE

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 Previous Woman Scream editions by theme:

In 2011, Tribute to Susana Chávez, poetess murdered in Mexico. It took place in 17 countries, celebrating 44 events in Latin America and Europe.

In 2012, the call was translated and expanded in 7 languages, we got 30 countries, doubling the events from 44 to 95 covering the 5 continents.

In 2013, the WS was celebrated in 34 countries in honor of the Pakistani, Malala Yousafzai. With more than 100 registered events.

In 2014, “We are Heroines! “Tribute to the local female history protagonist of different countries. 37 countries and more than 150 events joined the cause.

In 2015, the theme of “Women of Light”, part of the International Year of Light (IYL) by the UNESCO, a tribute to the Mirabal Sisters. With 200 events in 41 countries.

In 2016, a tribute to the Iranian, Soraya Manutcheri, killed by stoning, with the theme “Desert Flowers” against ancient forms of mistreatment of women such as stoning, acid attacks, honor crimes, among others.

In 2017, we honored all the girls in the world, and advocated against abuse, prostitution and child exploitation with the motto: “A scream for freedom”.

In 2018, we were “Flashlights of Hope” honoring the role of mothers as guides in a life full of values and free from violence. And as well, the mothers who have lost their daughters as a result of domestic violence.

In 2019, the motto was “Scream for me”, for the thousands of women with low self-esteem and have been underestimated by certain sectors of society.


In 2020, Woman Scream 10th Anniversary. The festival's theme was “Who screams for you?”, for the orphaned children, collateral victims of feminicide.
Woman Scream 2021
In 2021, we were Women Warriors the Woman Scream Festival, celebrated its eleventh international chain of annual cultural events in favor of women and against women abuse in 21 countries, under the slogan: "Women Warriors: Violence is not in quarantine!", reflecting the thousands of women and girls who, during the pandemic, have been victims of violence or have had to live in quarantine with their abusers.

Woman Scream 2022

In 2022. 12th edition, and in support of the initiatives of the Action Coalitions for Generation Equality of UN Women. paid tribute to aboriginal women and women ancestors under the motto "Origin". 
In 2023, 13th edition we honor country women rights and women activists that have been killed or suffered abuse for defending Earth's Rights. 
In 2014, 14th edition, we honor the artists and poets that have joined hands throughout the years to make our cause possible. Our motto is "My Art is my Scream".

Woman Scream Argentina 2015

Woman Scream 2016, Russia

Thank you for supporting our journey for over 10 years!

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  1. This is so amazing! It fills me up. I am a published Spoken Word artist and I would like to be part of this movement. Please tell me how I can, how to submit my work (share my words) I need this for my soul, I need this to hold on! Thank you so much!

    1. Hi! our festival is celebrated in over 30 countries at the same time. Each event is coordinated by diffent people and have their own calling for poets and aprticipants, please check updates and calls on our Facebook fanspage. Thank you!

  2. What about celebrating the survivors. In the past we had Simone Weil. Now Mivhellr Bachrlrt snd her Mum both tortured in prison for ex.

    1. We loved your idea! definitely taking it into account! Thanks.


Thanks for your support and solidarity, please help us spread the word. :)