How to Contribute

We are so glad you are here! It means so much to us...

We often keep you posted with all the wonderful things we have done all these years around the world. There is still a lot we want to do, and we want you to get involved with our cause the best way you can. This page will give you plenty of ideas on how you could contribute to Woman Scream.  

With your solidarity, we can move our projects with a female seal: The Mujeres Poetas Internacional-MPI Inc. (Women Poets International Movement), uniting the poetic voices of women all over the world, the Woman Scream cause (Grito de Mujer) worldwide project uniting voices of the world against women violence, the Rosado Fucsia independent editorial project for female voices, our Women With Wings Awards, where we reward our long term collaborators and supporters, among other ideas.

A little step you take to contribute, means a lot to us! 

Woman Scream 2020, Nigeria

There are many ways to support our cause:


  • Spread the word! Although it might seem like it’s  not much many people can find us through you. We are in all major social networks as @womanscream and @womanscreamfest plus @womanscream on Facebook. Follow us and share our content! 


  • If you're an influencer, spread what we do on media (press, radio, TV or Internet, a little bit, goes a long way).


  • Support our events with your participation or sponsoring. Everything we do is free to the public and we do not charge for participation. Help us keep our cause an open platform for talented women artists. 


  • Become a volunteer translator/proofreader for our books, news, posts on social networks and pages, in any language. Our page is translated in many languages that are not native to our own. If you can improve any of our posts, please do so. 


  • Get copy of our books HERE our cause is self substantiated by the books and promotional items we sell. You get a wonderful homage to our mission from talented women around the globe, while we make sure they keep on participating at no cost. 


  •  Get or give a wonderful gift from our cause to that special women in your life, while turning them automatically into our special spoken persons! Find them HERE



  •  Donate your books for fundraising or to become part of our library. (We are not requesting books right now, but we’ll  keep you posted when we do. Thanks).


  • Donate (Make a contribution of any amount you wish to keep us going with Paypal. As women, we are experts at doing magic with anything! Aren’t we? ). DONATE HERE

  • Downloading the Grito de Mujer song A piece that represents our empowering hymn, written by the Nicaraguan composer and great fan or our cause, Zaida Perez of MusicBySenora by Adolfina Nava, mexican singer, with arrangements made by the Professor Ruben Cuellar of the University of Music in Veracruz-Mexico. Download it HERE 

  • Sponsoring our Woman Scream Festival events. As sponsor you can choose to contribute financially to our festival worldwide. You could be a contributor using the Paypal donation button on this page. 


  • Place your logo on our page. Give us a donation and we’ll feature your logo on this page linking to your site for the active festival’s season (We only accept projects related to women literature, art or women causes, thank you).


  • Host a poetess or female artist. If you want to sponsor travel expenses of a poetess or an artist, you can support women of our cause in a beautiful way.


  • If you’re an artist yourself and wish to contribute out of solidarity, in any of our national or international events, send us a message through the contact menu.


  • If you’re a company and wish to donate printed material such as posters, banners, T-shirts, sound equipment, art or any other to any of our national or international events, we would love to hear from you! Please send us a message through the contact menu of this page.

  •  Sponsor our contest and awards. That would be the most significant way to help us give talented contributors of our cause, the chance of being rewarded for their efforts.


  • Support our publications. Buy our books, help us publish them or promote them. Become part of our ideas and help us grow. 


  • Make Woman Scream part of you Will. Give Woman Scream annual fund-contribution and become acknowledged or an anonymous contributor. Any amount is welcome and will provide direct support to our ongoing events. 

Woman Scream 2020-Madrid, Spain

As you can see, there are many ways to contribute

Email us using the contact section of this page menu.

Join the cause, become part of our history!