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The Mujeres Poetas Internacional (MPI) Inc. (Women Poets International Movement was founded in 2009 in the Dominican Republic by the poetess and publicist Jael Uribe, with the goal of promoting the poetess that take active part of this movement and that seek to make themselves known internationally through their participation in the different collective projects.

We seek to enhance the work of women in poetry and reclaim our rightful place in literature. We have created the Grito de Mujer or Woman Scream Festival a non profit successful chain of events created by volunteers worldwide, celebrated throughout the month of March each year to honor women and their role in society though poetry and arts, while delivering non violence message against them, as a way to combine culture, and unite volunteers towards an honorable cause. 

Woman Scream is selflessly supported by our Goodwill Ambassadors, cultural institutions, literary groups, poets and artists, friends and supporters of the MPI's Movement. The initiative takes part of our social mission.

Women Poets International MPI has no political purposes; we are only committed to the work of our poetess and their international projection that is extended to those that also take part or are involved in our projects. Our best tool is the word, which we use to appeal to consciences, raise awareness of women violence, increase women self-esteem and support the talent of poetess and artists all over the world who contribute to our cause.

We allow men, women and children become part of our mission, and becoming the voices of this cause. We welcome the support of institutions that wish to help us get to a higher level working together to promote positive change in the world.

We have thousands of followers, women and even men who support our work by participating actively and enthusiastically share our daily news and events through social networks. We have good-will ambassadors who collaborate selflessly in the organization of our international activities and are our spokespersons worldwide. Without these, the success of our mission would
not have been possible.

To achieve our dream of growing, we need the cooperation of any person or institution willing to spread our message and support our cause. Our talented women deserve it. JOIN NOW!


VISION: This movement aims to support female literary talent by developing collective projects to enable the participation of talented women poets of the country, as well as women poets, members and ambassadors who support us worldwide.

MISSION: To take advantage of digital media, print, among others, to praise the work of women in literature, specifically poetry work in addition to incurring the social mission that is the cause of non-violence against women through our Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival campaigns and collective participation in projects for the cause.

PRINCIPLES AND VALUES TO BE PROMOTED: Teamwork, Solidarity. Altruism, Humility, Good Attitude, Responsibility, Honesty, Will, Discipline, Integrity, Gratitude, Ethic, Loyalty.
Woman Scream first international gathering, Madrid ESP, 2016.

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  1. I'think this is a very intreresting iniciative. put the art to used by this end, the women protected out of violend


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