List of Selected Poets and Artists 2023


We want to thank hundreds of talented people who sent us their poetry and visual art for consideration. We are happy to know that so many women to can express themselves through our platform's projects. 

We made the selection based on this second call's theme, quality of piece submitted and relevance to our cause, as indicated in the guidelines.

Below, w
e present the list of poets and visual artists selected for our anthology. Remember, if your name is not mentioned, don't get discouraged, we offer different opportunities to be part of our cause in other ways:


Selected Poets

1 Ammu Sree India
2 Ana Ilić  Serbia
3 Ana Stjelja  Serbia 
4 Andrena Zawinski USA
5 Arika Elizenberry  U.S.A. 
6 Atandwa Naleli  Lesotho
7 Boltayeva Munavvar Yusuf Uzbekistan 
8 Chrissy Stegman United States
9 Claudi Piripippi Italy
10 Danielle Martin Trinidad/Tobago
11 Eeva Maria al-Khazaali  Finland
12 Elizabeta Dončevska -Lušin  Macedonia
13 Emilija Todorova Australia
14 Emma Lee United Kingdom
15 Gail Willems AUSTRALIA
16 Ilana Hamilton Australia
17 Jaliya The Bird Angola
18 Kathrine Yets  United States
19 Kerry USA
20 Lolita Rinforzi ITALY
21 Mahvash K. Mohtadullah  Pakistan
22 Ming Di China
23 Miriam Wei Wei Lo Australia
24 Mishal Malik Pakistan 
25 Oshin Ahlawat Germany 
26 Philipa Murray  New Zealand 
27 PJ Johnson Australia
28 Robyn Sykes Australia
29 Roxanne Marie Pluas H. USA
30 Rp Verlaine  United states 
31 Shirani Rajapakse Sri Lanka
32 Sibahle Marcia Khwela South Africa 
33 Susan H. Evans United States
34 Tralone Lindiwe Khoza South Africa
35 Violeta Stankovic Serbia
36 VV Chadain Ireland
37 yeşim ağaoğlu Turkey
38 yuan changming Canada

  Selected Artists

1 Nina Ma  China 
2 Tavernelle Wells Trinidad and Tobago
3 Simran Wahan India
4 Rene Westbrook United States

Selected artists, please make sure you send us your art in high resolution format as soon as possible, check your email for our request. Remember we have a deadline. Thanks again!

Find information about the published book HERE