Woman Scream 2023 | Call for Submissions for Female Poetry (CLOSED)




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Woman Scream Festival, as part of the institutions that collaborate with the initiatives of Action Coalitions for Generation Equality by UN Women, opens its second international call for submission for female poetry. 

The Woman Scream (Grito de Mujer®) cause celebrates its 13th anniversary of creation since 2011, for this reason, we will be creating a special poetry anthology under the theme "Mother of the Earth". A compilation of poetry in tribute to rural women, farmland women and their rights and an homage to the hundreds of women activists who have raised their voices, suffered abuse or lost their lives standing up for environmental rights.

This call is FREE and open to participation. 

Check: https://www.womanscream.com/p/submissions.html or visit the page www.womanscream.com menu "Join the cause!" for more information. (Please pay attention to our guidelines and the theme we seek for the poems).

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Thanks for your support and solidarity, please help us spread the word. :)