Woman Scream 2023 | Call for Submissions Selection


First of all, we want to thank the over 500 women who found in our Woman Scream call, a platform to express themselves freely. Thank you for making our selection job so difficult!

We got a lot of great poems related to violence and abusive relationships; however, we had to choose based on this year's theme, quality and relevance to our cause, as indicated in the guidelines of our call.

Having said
this, we present you the list of poems selected for our 2023 anthology. If your name is not mentioned, please do not be discouraged. Remember we always make different calls to give you more possibilities to be part of our cause in many other ways:

Name             Country            Poem Title

1 Aishwariya Laxmi  India A plea to women in farming
2 Alicia Sometimes Australia Even in an Age Unlike Our Own
3 Alkistis Voulgari Greece I see you
4 Ally Zlatar United Kindom My Field
5 Amanda Valerie Judd USA Mother Earth
6 Antonela Pallini-Zemin Argentina I come from earth
7 Carolina Garcia-Vargas Spain/Peru Screams of breasts and entrails
8 Carolyne Wright USA Coplas for Violeta Parra (1917-1967)
9 Danielle Martin Trinidad and Tobago Rebirth
10 Deepika Singh India Ode To Chipko Women
11 Doğa Rojda Koldaş Turkey Do you hear?
12 Elisabeth Kelvin Austria Arrow
13 Elizabeth Blandín Venezuela Yellows
14 Evie Groch USA Bábushka
15 India Dillon UK Fragility
16 Kathrine D Yets USA Remember the Crows
17 Kendra Preston Leonard USA Driving Away from the Mountains
18 Kezia Anna India Tree Women 
19 Lucilla Trapazzo Switzerland Burrnesha (or the last Sworn Virgin)
20 Madeleine McDonald United Kindom Air Above
21 Madhusraba Mohanty India Red language
22 Maja Delibašić (Natalija Petrović) Serbia Echoes
23 Mamodiehi Gwala South Africa I am not a rock
24 Maria Aduke Alabi USA/ Dominican Republic When Earth complains...
25 Mary Anne Zammit Malta Mothers in Farms
26 Mehzabeen Hussain India Maleficent
27 Michele Cuomo  USA Yellow Quill Woman
28 MoAfrika wa Mokgathi South Africa Burning Men 
29 Nata Simebaji Serbia Wind gonna find me
30 Natalie Damjanovich-Napoleon Australia Ground your steps
31 Nazaret Ranea Seron Spain I am Earth
32 Pat Johnson Australia Kipnap
33 Popi Aroniada (Πόπη Αρωνιάδα) Greece With fear of knowing 
34 Prachi Priyanka India Nowhere to Go
35 Pratibha Somkuwar India My Sisters Working in the field
36 Renee Cronley Canada Organic Entitlements
37 Robyn Sykes Australia From waltz to rock'n'roll
38 Rosina Martucci Italy For Carmela
39 Tessa Ojala Finland Like Paper Dolls
40 Thekgo A. Raseala  South Africa Lady in motion 
41 Tralone Lindiwe Khoza South Africa The lives of a woman are many
42 Trinh Mai USA She slept. We wept.
43 Victoria L Lopez USA The Rows
44 Willow Rose USA Hope Springs

We remind you that the resulting book, will be available around March 2023, through  Amazon platform only and will be printed under demand by anyone interestedy. If you wish to contribute to our mission by acquiring a copy, is your option. We will keep the news about it updated on our networks and pages.

Thanks again for your support to our cause!

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Thanks for your support and solidarity, please help us spread the word. :)