Woman Scream 2018-Connecticut-USA

Last 10th of march, 2018 The National Beat Poetry Foundation, Inc. in New Hartford, Connecticut, USA, hosted once again, the “Woman Scream” International Poetry and Arts Festival, under the motto “Flashlights of Hope” that honors mothers around the world. Woman Scream 2018, was celebrating its 8th edition  and paid tribute to mothers, as guides of a new generation committed to a life without violence, and to mothers who have lost their daughters as a result of it. Two events where celebrated at The Licia & Mason Beekley Community Library & The Passiflora Cafe, New Hartford, CT USA, both of them hosted by: Colin Haskins and the Free poets Collective, Woman Scream Ambassadors for New England..

The First events started at 3:30pm and ended around 5:30pm. It featured poets such as: Izikhotane, Colin Haskins, Robert C. Fullerton, Debbie Tosun Kilday, Viviana Duncan, Barbara Ehrentreu, Nbs Malay, Amy Woronick, Prince A. McNally, Sandra Ebner, Benjamin Wiseman, Michael L. Kilday, Kerry McCoy.

Photos and collage by Shaw Izikson

The event continued with an Open Mic, more Poetry, Music, Food, and Fun at The Passiflora Café that started at 6:00pm and lasted until 7:30pm.

The state of Connecticut has joined the Woman Scream initiative since 2013 with the support of the Free Poets Collective, the first American certified group authorized to host the WS event in USA since it started at the Dominican Republic in March 2011.

Woman scream 2018 has been celebrated in over 30 countries, and over 140 events took place in honor of mothers worldwide.   

Your can check the work of the The National Beat Poetry Foundation, Inc. at their Facebook Page.