Woman Scream 2024 | São Paulo | Brazil



For three days since the 7th to the 10th of March 2024, we've hosted our event online from São Paulo, Brazil supported by "La Pacha Apapacha" project as part of the Woman Scream Festival 2024 (Grito de Mulher) chain of events under the motto " My art is my scream" celebrated in over 30 countries and as part of the Generation Equality initiatives by UN Women. We've had the artwork of 25 artists exposed in a special video on YouTube. 

These artists were from various regions of the world, including the US, Italy, Lebanon, Ukraine, Russia, Nigeria, Turkey, Croatia, Canada, China, Macedonia, Brazil, France.

We've had a brief Master Class with Juliana Spínola, the director and curator of the festival, three Youtube Lives with the artists themselves and one Youtube Live with the Brazilian Theater company: Ato Reverso.

It was particularly special to connect with artists from such different backgrounds and cultures and talk to them about their art, their ways of "screaming" artistically and their way to make art in an insane ever changing world.

This was a challenge and an honor and I'm looking forward to the unfolding of these connections.

Thank you, dear team of Woman Scream! May we keep echoing our voices for justice, specially for those who cannot do it. 


Juliana Spínola. Coordinator