Woman Scream 2024 | Perth | Australia

Woman Scream 2024 in Perth, Western Australia took place in march the Saturday 16th, from 2-4 pm at The Moon Café, in Perth, Western Australia. It celebrated womanhood and mourned the effects of domestic and other gender-based violence. We were wonderfully emceed by Manveen Kohli. Our five talented feature poets were Skylar J Wynter, Judith Huang, S. C. Tokelov, Rosie Cavany-Shute and Aditi Arun.

We were also joined by women from two domestic violence refuges: Starick and Zonta House. One woman from Zonta read her poem out loud and three other women had their poems read by workshop facilitator Jaya Penelope. Tahnya Wood, the Services Manager at Starick, introduced a former client who spoke to us movingly about her experiences at Starick house. To finish off, Zan Ross read the names of women who had died due to domestic violence in the year just past, ringing a bell after each name.


The event was powerful and moving.

We also ran an on-the-spot raffle to fundraise for Starick. Woman Scream 2024 raised $508 for Starick. We also raised awareness about domestic violence.

Organised by Miriam Wei Wei Lo and Manveen Kohli, with significant administrative support from WA Poets, logistical support and venue from the Perth Poetry Club, and funding support from a City of Vincent Community Support Grant. 

The Woman Scream Festival has managed to bring together more than 70 countries over the years, holding nearly two thousand events, spreading a message of hope and solidarity throughout the world. Centered around a different theme each year, and as part of the UN Women's Generation Equality initiatives, the Woman Scream Festival aims to raise awareness about the different forms of violence faced by women, along with the mission of uniting all arts and expressions to achieve a powerful impact from a comprehensive activism platform.