Woman Scream 2024 | China


In March 21, 2024 at 22:00, for the celebration of World Poetry Day, poets across the country and from different regions joined their voices as one, in one of the events of the global chain of the 14th edition of Woman Scream Festival 2024. The event was coordinated by Poetess Ming Di, from Poetry Across the Clouds and recorded via Zoom and posted on Youtube. 

"Voice of Her Own" as the event was called, where 32 women poets participated in the "Woman Scream International Poetry Festival - China section", representing 24 nationalities, plus a few bilingual international poets. Many of the poets read their poems in Endangered Languages. One high school student, two college students, three graduate students, one peasant, some workers and teachers and one woman with a high position in the national art foundation - each is unique and talented. Their names appear as subtitles. 


No translations of the poems are presented this time due to time constraints (although we provided subtitles of the English translations previously.) Thanks to the initiatives of the Woman Scream Headquaters at the Dominican Republic.


The Woman Scream Festival has managed to bring together more than 70 countries over the years, holding nearly two thousand events, spreading a message of hope and solidarity throughout the world. Centered around a different theme each year, and as part of the UN Women's Generation Equality initiatives, the Woman Scream Festival aims to raise awareness about the different forms of violence faced by women, along with the mission of uniting all arts and expressions to achieve a powerful impact from a comprehensive activism platform.