Manifesto Woman Scream 2024

I am art, I am scream!

I plant my magic in all corners of the world, I speak for those who embrace their silence. I am a seed growing in the mouths and consciences, multiplying hope.

What good is my talent for, if I don't use it to serve a valuable cause? My hands, my voice, my art, my SCREAM, belong to all the women who lean on me to get up.

I AM the faith that does not perish, I am the future free from violence, I am the woman who raises her forehead and values herself, I am the one who walks courageously towards light and gets saved. That's why I give voluntary my heart, that's why I rise up my fist, my hands, my brush, my voice, my art, my word.

No matter how many times I am summoned for this cause, I serve the light of those who live in darkness and the freedom of those whose dreams have been chattered.

I am the justice of the fallen, I am the dream of the women who march. I am art in protest, I am the scream of the despised.

As long as I rise up, no woman will be left behind! No other will ever be silenced.

Jael Uribe
Woman Scream Founder.