Over 30 Countries Will be Screaming in March 2024

Woman Scream 2024 Porto Rico


For fourteen years, the Woman Scream Festival (Grito de Mujer) has organized a global chain of events from their headquarters based at the Dominican Republic, uniting the voices of the world in collective sociocultural and multidisciplinary events, unifying volunteer artists and institutions to deliver messages of self-esteem, respect and zero-tolerance against violence towards women and girls through arts. On this occasion and throughout the month of March 2024, the Woman Scream Festival will celebrate more than one hundred events as part of the UN Women's Generation Equality initiative, and under the motto “my art is my scream”, in honor of those, whose work, art and solidarity, have donated their talent to the cause during all these years, by being spokespersons for those women and girls who suffer in silence.

More than thirty countries will be hosting The Woman Scream Festival 2024 between March 1st. and 31st, 2024. The countries involved are: The Dominican Republic, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, United States, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, Peru, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, Canada, France, Switzerland, Benin, Malaysia, Morocco, Luxembourg, Egypt, Nigeria, Algeria, South Africa, Mozambique, Australia, India, Serbia, Cape Verde, China and England.

The Woman Scream Festival has managed to bring together more than 70 countries over the years, holding nearly two thousand events, spreading a message of hope and solidarity throughout the world. Centered around a different theme each year, the Woman Scream Festival aims to raise awareness about the different forms of violence faced by women, along with the mission of uniting all arts and expressions to achieve a powerful impact from a comprehensive activism platform.

The Woman Scream 2024: My art is my scream, global agenda with updated details by country and cities, can be found in the calendar menu of the website www.womanscream.com or by following their social networks.

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