Woman Scream 2023 | Closes with Great Success



Throughout the month of March and since 2011, the Woman Scream (Grito de Mujer) Festival has resonated in the voices of artists and institutions on various countries around the world and thanks to the support of hundreds of volunteers who annually, join to raise awareness and disseminate messages of hope through arts, in the midst of the arduous fight against domestic violence that affects our society and especially women.

This 2023 has not been the exception. Woman Scream arrives at its thirteenth anniversary without giving up on the efforts to make a great contribution in the communities it reaches.
From March 1st  until the 31st, around 200 or more events were celebrated internationally, where content that encompasses the festival's social mission in favor of vulnerable women facing different types of violence was shared, as part of a global cultural event’s chain that unified men, women and children in over twenty countries, under the slogan "Mother of the Earth", a scream for all women activists who have given their lives to defend the rights of the environment and a heartfelt tribute to one of the most invisible women group of the planet: Rural women.



While other projects work directly with abused women, or promulgate laws to stop the advance of the violence they suffer, Woman Scream points to cultural means of creating awareness, education, sisterhood, hope, self-esteem and values rescued through inclusive art projects. This way, it has managed to climb different social strata and straight into the hearts of people, being welcomed as part of dozens of projects since its inception. This year, and since 2022, Woman Scream managed to take part of the initiatives of the Generation Equality by UN Women, whose projects in favor of the eradication of violence against women and girls, giving space to projects like this, to become known within the framework of their global actions.

Woman Scream-Grito de Mujer has transcended the world of poetry that it aimed to in its first year, to become a platform for artistic, economic and social activism (artivism), achieving in a singular way a symbiosis with all useful areas for the propagation of its message.


Woman Scream 2023: Mother of the earth, had a loaded calendar with physical, virtual and blended activities for 31 days, including panels, exhibitions, music and poetry recitals, concerts, workshops, talks, conferences, performing arts, among others.

The countries participating in Woman Scream 2023: “Mother of the earth" were: Dominican Republic, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, USA, Puerto Rico, Colombia Venezuela, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, El Salvador, Uruguay, Peru, Cuba, Portugal, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Egypt, Algeria, Cape Verde, Ghana, Mozambique, Australia and Nigeria.



The Mujeres Poetas Internacional MPI Inc (Women Poets International Movement), the Woman Scream (Grito de Mujer) cause and the entire coordination team at the Dominican Republic, appreciate the dedication, support and great contribution of each one of the institutions, men and women artists and volunteer coordinators that, at an international level, have contributed with time, effort and will to make it  happen.

You can find all details about Woman Scream the events by visiting our pages www.womanscreamfestival.com and www.gritodemujer.com or following our social networks.