28 countries join Woman Scream Festival 2023 this March

The Woman Scream Festival 2023 (Grito de Mujer ), in its thirteenth edition and under the slogan "Mother of the Earth", will pay tribute to rural women and women activists who have lost their lives or suffered violence defending environment's rights. This year, the festival will be part of the initiatives of UN Women's Generation Equality, for the eradication of violence and its international chain, will celebrate from March 1 to 31, nearly two hundred cultural events, with the participation and support of cultural institutions and groups in 28 countries.

Woman Scream 2023: Mother of the earth, will have a diverse calendar physical, virtual and blended activities for 31 days, including lectures, exhibitions, music and poetry recitals, concerts, workshops, talks, conferences, performing arts, among others.

The countries participating in Woman Scream 2023 are: Dominican Republic, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, United States, Puerto Rico, Colombia Venezuela, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, El Salvador, Peru , Cuba, Portugal, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Egypt, Algeria, Cape Verde, Ghana, Mozambique, Australia and Nigeria.

The coordination of the events will be possible thanks to the men and women artists, cultural managers and institutions that join voluntarily, to extend a message of solidarity worldwide, in favor of abused women and girls through art and culture.

You can follow the entire chain of Woman Scream venues checking its social networks and find the international calendar in the menu at the page www.womanscreamfestival.com