Woman Scream 2023 Manifesto

When you own the land

Woman Scream 2023 Manifesto (Mother of the Earth)
To Mercedes Sosa, and the hundreds of women who bleed and bled for their right to keep their lands. The mothers of the earth.

“When I have the land, I will form with the crickets an orchestra where those who think can sing…” “…And I will go for a walk with the trees and the silence and the men and women with me”. Mercedes Sosa
Woman, when you own the land, your seed will never know death, it will become eternal. No hand will beat your fist, no silence will live in your throat longer than necessary. No other woman will know the coldness of words, nor will she suffer the injustice of those, who defend with their blood, what has been taken from us. Woman, when you own the right to open your mouth, without losing your teeth to SCREAM that the earth burns in the hands of those who fight, that rivers are polluted by hatred, and hundreds of innocent voices have been riddled by those who exploit and connive behind our backs. When your hands are full with the SCREAM of your ancestors, with the fertile soil that your parents plowed and that your proud sons and daughters will inherit without fearing that nobody comes to steal it... I swear to you, farmland, activist, militant woman, sky lover, mother of seeds, earth and waters that, TODAY there will be power in your words again! Today the earth will ground your steps permanently so no other woman who follows you gets lost in darkness and finds herself back, once and for always. When you break the fences in your throat, when you embrace the root of consciences and you condemn out loud all names hidden in silence ... that day, a green anthem will rise up from the womb of all women, its fruits will be the sap that feeds us. No subdued mouth will know hunger, no threat will be able to stop you. You will win! because your voice will be stronger, rooted to your fist. Your song will be heard louder than silence and "those who think" will hear your SCREAM above predators, where no one will ever silence you. As long as you own the land woman, life will sing in permanent praise...
Jael Uribe Founder of Woman Scream Festival https://jaeluribe.blogspot.com


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