Woman Scream 2022 | Luxembourg


Monday March 7, 2022, as part of the 12th edition of the Festival Woman Scream "Cri de Femme" - Luxembourg, in collaboration with Lêtz Rise Up a.s.b.l, the conference "L'Origine" (The Origin) took place at the Forum Geesseknäppchen.

    "I am here, for all the women who are no longer here,
    I'm here, for all who keep on fighting,
    I'm here, for all those women who gave their lives
    to give us a better life

The conference began with a fragment of the poem "I am here" by the poet and visual artist Miriam R. Krüger, ambassador of the Women Poets International Movement and coordinator of Woman Scream "Cri de Femme -Luxembourg", followed by the speech of Sandrine Gashonga, representative of Lêtz Rise Up asbl, intercultural, anti-racist and gender equality trainer.

The evening brought together a panel of eight exceptional women; Céline Agnes, journalist, ARA radio host; Natascha Bisbis, doula and rebozo practitioner; Céline Delayer, construction engineer, management, environmental improvements; Emmanuelle Pervieux; aviation industry executive; Marinella Rinaldis; active educator in Asbl; Myriam Schmit, entrepreneur MS Design, design, communication, marketing; Sunita Trivedi, entrepreneur, founder of Spice Curry Indian cuisine; Pascale Zaourou creator of the guide "Le Luxembourg pas cher" and president of CLAE.

A conference with an intimate and very inspiring side where the public could hear the testimonies of these eight women from different backgrounds, who in turn, one by one, revealed themselves by sharing their childhood memories in order to pay tribute to the women who marked their lives and who helped make them who they are today.


The following day, Tuesday March 8, the lounge restaurant CG joined the Festival Cri de Femme - Luxembourg with the organization of the Women's International Day evening, a temporary exhibition of works by Miriam R. Krüger and music with DJ Suzana Lux. An evening where art and music come together to celebrate women. The restaurant offered a purple tulip flower to all the women who came to the party.



To close the week, Friday March 11 was presented online via the YouTube platform the virtual exhibition Amazones, a series of illustrations by Miriam R. Krüger, to pay tribute to the women of yesterday, today and tomorrow. A selection of these illustrations have been adapted to illustrate the book Toolbox “Sexual and gender-based violence in a migratory context: Migrant women and girls”, as part of the Equalcity project, carried out by Women in Need and IOM ( International Organization for Migrants).


YouTube video: Amazons by Miriam R. Krüger


The international Woman Scream Festival (Grito de Mujer) in its 12th edition, takes part and support of the initiatives of the Action Coalitions for Generation Equality of UN Women for the next 5 years.