Woman Scream 2022 | Dominican Republic

Monte Plata, Dominican Republic.- On Thursday, March 3, 2022, starting at 9 a.m., one of the events of the world chain of the Woman Scream Festival 2022 took place. For this 12th Edition and under the motto “Origin”, community leaders, students, civil and military authorities of the city participated in a massive act, held at the Politecnico Ciudad del Conocimiento in the Monte Plata province.


During the activity, a tribute was paid to ancestral, indigenous and native women, through a panel of Women Leaders, in which the contributions of Dominican women and the world were highlighted, as well as artistic presentations, such as dance, poetry readings alluding to women. Among the women panelists were: Nirsa Díaz Pérez, Gender Director of the Ministry of Education, Bethy Díaz for Unicaribe; Ligia Pérez, the Vice Minister of Technical and Pedagogical Affairs, Ángela de la Cruz, the Gender Officer of the Educational District 17-02, Irmgard Radefeldt, the President of FIADASEC, Mariel Olivo for the Ministry of Women and the hostess, Deisi Marte. The poetess and Public Relationships Manager of Grito de Mujer in DR (Woman Scream), Gennie Redondo and the master of ceremonies the writer and poetess, Marivell Contreras.


Various authorities from the province and nationally were present at the event, including: the Mayor, Altagracia Herrera, the Governor Rafaela Gomera, the Regional Director 17 of Education, Enrique De La Cruz, the District Director 17-02, Natividad Custodio, the Airport Director , Víctor Pichardo, among others. There was also the participation in video of the poetess, Ángela Aybar, and the artistic presentations of the typical "Guayacanal "dance, the interpretation of the song "Brillo de Mujer" and a closure with the dance "Pasapie", by the young students of the polytechnic.


The coordinator of Grito de Mujer in the Dominican Republic, the writer from Monte Plata, Deisi Marte, specified that the Dominican Republic is the headquarters of this major events chain that takes place throughout the month of March in 24 countries around the world, in which around 200 cultural activities are celebrated in honor of women and against women violence. For the next 5 subsequent years, Grito de Mujer will be part of the initiatives of the Action Coalitions for Generation Equality of  the UN Women, in favor of advancing the eradication of violence throughout the world.

“I feel very grateful for the support received by the director of the center, Héctor Brito, the management team and the entire faculty of the Politecnico Ciudad del Conocimiento, as well as by the educational district 17-02, Natividad Custodio, and by the person in charge of Gender District, Ángela de la Cruz, I also appreciate the kind welcome by the director of the Regional Education, Mr. Enrique de la Cruz, thanks to the Mayor, Prof. Altagracia Herrera de Brito, Unicaribe, at the Monte Plata Campus, and the director of the Airport Department, Mr. Víctor Pichardo. My total thanks to the entire team of Grito de Mujer (Woman Scream) and the Fundación Mujeres Poetas Internacional (Women Poets International Movement), in the person of Jael Uribe, founder, and Gennie Redondo, Public Relationships Manager of Grito de Mujer, for entrusting me this great event. ”.