Cri de Femme | Anthology of Female Poetry in French




The Woman Scream cause “Grito de Mujer”, on the occasion of its 12th. anniversary of its festival published a new international anthology of women poetry as a result of it last call for submission. This compilation was titled "Cri de Femme" (Woman Scream).

The printing of the book is available per request for those interested on Over fifty women poets from different countries, have participated in the book, raising their voices for their rights to express themselves and to have a life free from violence. This book represents what a SCREAM means from a female point of view.

The submissive women there are not that many anymore! The humble, underappreciated, marginalized, harassed and humiliated exist no longer. Today we have raised our words and also our hands. We raised our SCREAM against the wind. We took a step towards the emancipation of our voices, without stopping our wings. We have flown higher, breaking the silence... We have been heard!  Jael Uribe

The women poets participating in the Cri de Femme anthology are:

1 Agneta Gerson France
2 Alice Botelho Leao de Carvalho Switzerland
3 Alice Hendschel Belgium
4 Alice Truc France
5 Anne Soy France
6 Antonella Alfano Italy
7 Assia Land Canada
8 Audrey Desrosiers Canada
9 Brenda Simon France
10 Calvez Solenn France
11 Candice Sophie Tardy France
12 Carine Malichier France
13 Cecile Cayrel France
14 Charlotte Bellanger France
15 Cristiana Rospigliosi France
16 Cristina Montescu Canada
17 Diane Longpre Canada
18 Djenebou Traore Mali
19 Dorothee Coll France
20 Ducoin Hawa Kasse Mali
21 Efoutame (Christy The Poet) France
22 Estelle Sciortino France
23 Eve Monnier Switzerland
24 Fabienne Abel France
25 Flavia Cosma Canada
26 Gaelle Rauche France
27 Gaëtane Bordeaux France
28 Hanen Allouch Canada
29 Imen Moussa Tunisia
30 Irina Moga Canada
31 Julie Saut France
32 Leo Cos France
33 Lincifort Phannuella Tommy Haiti
34 Malie Delay France
35 Marilou Carrieu France
36 Navy Lombard France
37 Mathilde Guy France
38 Mathilde Senecal Canada
39 Maude Taillon Canada
40 Mayane (Marie-Hélène Gélinas) Canada
41 Mira Krastev-Mckinnon France
42 OH (Ould-Hamouda) France
43 Ostande Chandelier France
44 Petit-Dangeon Reix France
45 Sandra Elong Cameroon
46 Sarah Loraux-Chiffard France
47 Senta Muller Germany
48 Sibylle Bolli Switzerland
49 Stephanie Quérite France
50 Sylvie Fish Canada
51 Thibert Astrid France
52 Tiphaine Baldinger France
53 Vienna Frederique Reunion
54 Viviane Mara Haingomalala Madagascar
55 Zoe Besmond de Senneville France
56 Zoe Cassagnes France
57 Zohra Terbah Algeria

The “Cri de Femme” anthology has been illustrated with paintings by the visual artist and poetess living in Luxembourg, Miriam R. Krüger, whom you will encounter throughout the anthology's pages. You can find out more about Miriam's work on the page:




The Woman Scream Festival, in its twelfth edition and under the motto "Origin", will be held throughout the month of March, from the 1st. to 31, with cultural events in 24 countries this season, paying a tribute to aboriginal women and women ancestors. Woman Scream 2022 will be a call to remember native women, whose cultures persist over time in several countries and who still suffer continuous abuses, in absence of laws that promote the validation of their rights. Both anthologies are expected to be available in March 2022 through

The international Woman Scream Festival (Grito de Mujer) in its 12th edition, and in support of the initiatives of the Action Coalitions for Generation Equality of UN Women for the next 5 years.

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