Woman Scream 2022 | Manifesto


We know where our scream comes from ...

We descend from strength, from the legacy of women who forged the path with their struggle so we never forget who we are, nor where we come from.

We raise our scream for them: the abused, despised for their race, gender, religion or knowledge. Those who still fight for the authentication of their rights, still suffering the worst of outrages. For the women forgotten by law, bonded to a restless, ancient scream. For the others, who swallowed their silence and cradled the anger seed inside their bowels.

For those who got up to make us stronger, raising their flag in their voices higher, standing out in search of a collective dream. For every woman immersed in the nightmare of an uneven world, where the balance turns in favor of violence, instead of justice.

For those we don’t mention aloud, to protect them from cruelty and anarchy. For the women who are not among us, for whom we make a minute of silence.

For all the women we are: The matriarch, the healer, the brave one, the goddess, the free, the wise, the resilient, the women of all colors, creeds and races that inhabit within us.

We are the creators of a single invincible soul, we are the SCREAM that does not perish, nor give up! We are the ORIGIN of the world and all of us united, are ONE.

Jael Uribe
Woman Scream (Grito de Mujer) Founder
President of Women Poets International Movement.


  1. SO gracious and INSPIRED to help spread the word about this Movement!...to make a way for this message and life-line reach those who need to hear it most! :) Much Love & Light Always!


Thanks for your support and solidarity, please help us spread the word. :)