"Origin" | Women Conference | by Woman Scream 2022 | Luxembourg

Within the frame of the global chain of events of the 12th Woman Scream Festival 2022, french edition, Cri de Femme, will take place at Luxembourg city, a master conference entitled as "Origin", a be a tribute to anonymous women ancestors who, with their strength and courage, have been pioneers for women's rights for a life free from violence. This event will take place on March 7, 2022, at 7:00 p.m. at the Geesseknäppche Forum 40, Boulevard Pierre DupongL-1430.

The conference will be presented by the Peruvian poetess and visual artist, Miriam R. Krüger, coordinator of Cri de Femme Festival since 2011 in Luxembourg, and by Sandrine Gashonga, intercultural, anti-racist and gender equality trainer.
This conference is held in collaboration with the project Lëtz Rise Up a.s.b.l. and will feature the participation of 8 exceptional women:

-Céline Agnes (Journalist, ARA radio host)
-Natascha Bisbis (a Doula descendant and rebozo practitioner)
-Céline Delayer (Construction engineer, environmental improvement management)
-Emmanuelle Pervieux (Executive of the aeronautical industry)
-Marinella Rinaldis (Active Asb Educator)
-Myriam Schmit (Entrepreneur, freelance in design, communication, marketing)
-Sunita Trivedi (Businesswoman, Founder of Indian Cuisine Spice Curry)

-Pascale Zaourou (Creator of the guide "Le Luxembourg pas cher", president of CLAE)


Woman Scream 2022: Origin, is supporting the initiatives of the Action Coalitions for Generation Equality of UN Women for the next years and it's a tribute to our women ancestors and native women, whose cultures persist over time in several countries and who still suffer continuous abuses, in absence of laws that promote the validation of their rights. It is also a tribute to the women whose lineage, courage and strength, since ancient times, have been forerunners of the collective dream, towards a life free from women violence and equal women's rights.