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Woman Scream Festival 2021 (Grito de Mujer 2021) Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: Women Warriors, violence is not in quarantine (International Main Event)

Special presentation of videos selected in our last call, with participants from 34 countries. Music, poetry, performance, theater and dance.

In collaboration with the Music, Wine and Poem Show (Música, Vino y Poema)
And the digital TV channel

Broadcast every Thursday of the month of March at 8pm (20hrs Dominican time) on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook LIVE:


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Program 1

Day: Thursday 4 March 2021
Time: 8pm (RD)

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1 Adorable Monique (Art Show) USA
2 Pollie (Listen to my Voice Song) Mexico
3 Verónica Sofia Guevara (Poem Recreate love) Argentina
4 Sylvie Riesco Bernier (Poem My Pandemic) Spain
5 Paulina Arraño Becerra (One skin away) England
6 Clara Bertolini (Purple Coplas Song) Argentina
7 Swaying Bodies on Stage (Dance-Behind the Silence) Mexico
8 Belén Leyton (Theater-Blessed You Are) Argentina
9 Soraya Cheded (Est-ce ainsi que vivent les femmes?) France
10 Teresa Díaz Sánchez (As Juncos) Uruguay
11 Collective Bugambilias (Perfo-Letter to my women) Colombia
12 JOSEF KA (Mute-Muda) Finland
13 Sole Candela and Sitoh Ortega (Olvido Song) Spain
14 Nidia Tineo (Green Tide Poem) Argentina
15 María Lidia Calero (Poem Alas) Argentina
16 Natalia Simoncini (Butterfly Wings) Argentina
17 Florencia Chidichimo (Dance Taking the Sky by Storm) AR

60 mins (approx.)


Program 2

Day: Thursday March 11, 2021
Time: 8pm (RD)

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1 Norkelly Acosta (Art Show) Dominican Republic
2 MC Juampa (Videoclip-It's not a story) Argentina
3 Patricia Trujillo López (Poem-THE GIRL WHO WALKS) Spain
4 Marcela Gutilla (Poem-Trapped) Argentina
5 Ekaterina Ignatova Cevallos (Dance-Pino) Ecuador
6 Christelle Reix (Poem Le Cri-El Grito) France
7 Nomads (Music-Lament in Dance) Puerto Rico
8 Giselle Lucía Navarro (Poem-Balance) Cuba
9 Sol Dugatkin (Dance without fear) Chile
10 Santa Rodal (Poema-CORONAOPRESOR) Mexico
11 Nany Mazzoky (song-The courage to move on) Argentina
12 Miriam Castillo Gautreaux (Poem-Goodbye) Republic Dom.
13 Vilma Zavaleta Gómez (Poem-With Me) Costa Rica
14 Faviola Llamas Guzmán (Dance-Performace Matrias) Mexico

60 mins (approx.)


Program 3

Day: Thursday March 18, 2021
Time: 8pm (RD)

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1 Miriam R. Krüger (Art Show) Luxembourg
2 Biviana Echeverría (Theater-The value of a hug) Ecuador
3 Beatriz Teresa Bustos (Poem Dis-dress me) Argentina
4 Caroline Boulord (Poem Déshabite-moi-Desnúdame) Belgium
5 Laura and Sira Cabrera (Auduovisual-Mujer Borrada) Spain
6 Leici López Villalobos (Poem The birds still fly) Mexico
7 Violeta (La Parrandera) Music-Woman Balam) Mexico
8 Alejandra Loyola Castro (The door, my back) Chile
9 Manon Gable (Il n'y a pas de roses sans épines-There are no roses without thorns) France-France
10 Cooperativa Archipiélago (RenaSer) Argentina
11 Roma Triunfo (Poem Masks) Argentina
12 Christelle Danielle Bonam (PONDA) Cameroon
13 Coletivo Sementes (Mulheres Sementes-Mujeres seeds) Brazil

60 mins (approx.)


Program 4

Day: Thursday 25 March 2021
Time: 8pm (RD)


1 Domingo Donouv (Art Show) Dominican Republic
2 Women's Folklore (Music Hands of Women by Marta Gómez) Argentina
3 Victoria Enguídanos Moreno (New Man) Spain
4 Nacho Recio (Visual Art Woodworm-Carcoma) Spain
5 Guylaine Monnier (Poem Tobacco by day-Tobacco by night-Tabac du jour-Tabac du nuit) France
6 Yanet Reynoso Sánchez (Song-Dreaming again) Dom.
7 Claudette Mendela (Point d'achèvement- Completion Point) Cameroon
8 Make It Happen (Lantana) Colombia
9 Ailin Maive Guevara (Poem PANDEMIA) Argentina
10 Gisela Sousa Ferreira (Performance-Como uma mulher) Portugal
11 Rasma (L'amour efface la violence-Love eradicates violence) Mali
12 Cristina Ruberte Paris (Poem Invisible Women-Invisible Women) Spain
13 Nèfta Poetry (Stéphanie Melyon-Reinette) (Poem Follies-Locuras) Guadalupe FR
14 karen Rojas (Performance I am one, I am she, I am us, I am thousands) Colombia
15 Lina Aybar Batista (Performance-Absence) Dominican Republic

60 mins (approx.)


  1. Best wishes.. Iam waiting for this festival..Thanks to all organizers


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