Woman Scream 2020-Republic of Macedonia

The International Poetry and Arts Festival "Woman Scream" was traditionally held for the fifth time, in Macedonia City Spojie, last Saturday 28th of march 2020. The festival is a worldwide chain of events held in March where poets and poets, artists and organizations from various countries volunteer to honor women's rights and send messages of self-confidence, respect and empowerment against violence against women. Every year the festival has its motto, and this year the international motto of the festival is "Who's screaming for you, to honor orphan children victims of femicides"

Until last year, the festival was continuously organized in more than 70 countries around the world, with more than 900 successful co-coordinated events, but this year Macedonia is the only country in the world to continue the tradition and hold the event, as other countries have canceled their events due to a pandemic. The national coordinators of the festival organization in Macedonia, the poets Olivera Docevska and Elena Prendzova, with the support of the organization Justice, have decided to hold the festival online this year.

- We have decided to take advantage of the benefits of computers and the Internet, as it is the modern information and technical capabilities that make the festival more accessible to both participants and audiences. That's why we decided this year to invite artists from all kinds of arts around the world. They presented their work through videos, which were posted on YouTube. The link was posted to social media on March 28 at 12 noon. Since then, the link has always been available to the public - said Prendzova.

According to her, "The Woman Scream" is a festival that aims to raise awareness of the fight against violence against women and women's rights, so, in the context of it, the motto of our national festival has always been "20 days after March 8 and let's do it. "

"That's why I want to remind you that women - mothers, daughters, sisters, daughters-in-law - are the ones who most often take care of sick and close family members and are often forced to put others' needs ahead of their own." In such cases the health of all stakeholders is always affected. In the name of the common good and health of the human race, I call for conscientiousness in following the procedures and following the recommendations so that everyone can have their lives back to normal very soon - says Prendzova.

This year's the participants were: the world-wide festival general coordinator Jael Uribe, from the Dominican Republic,
and mexican singer Adolfina Nava with the Grito de Mujer song of the festival. Also the participation of the performer Simmer Savo, poetess Pina Tucci and songwriter Angelo Torquia from Italy; poet Kui Chien Li of Taiwan; bachelor and actress Bailey Casle of the United States; poetess Tonya Pasola of Catalonia, Spain, and poet Gustavo Vega Mansilla of Spain; the poet Christian Kozel from Slovenia; performer and poetess Lucila Trapaco from Switzerland and poet Dashamir Malo from Albania, and the participants from Macedonia are: the performing duo Miki Janevski and Simona Atanasovska, the poet Marina Ikonomova Jokeva, the artist Pooja Echoi, the poet Miro Mojo , poetess Danica Ivanovska Lepojevic, artist and graphic designer Vlado Fidanoski, watercolorist and artist Simonida Filipova Kitanovska, musician Martin Cvetkovski aka DJ Orb, fashion designer Sarah Redzic and artist Vincic.

Participants list:

Woman Scream Macedonia 2020 

1.      Jael Uribe, world coordinator, DO
2.      Adolfina Nava, singer, DO
3.      Olivera Docevska, national coordinator, MK
4.      "Ester Ihaz" by Olivera Docevska; Miki Janevski & Simona Atanasovska, artists, MK
5.      Angelo Torchia, cantauthor, IT
6.      Kuei-shien Lee, poet, TW
7.      Marina Ikonomova Shokeva, poet, MK
8.      Miro Masin, artist, MK
9.      Miyatta, singer, MK
10.  Simone Savo, slam poet, IT
11.  Bailey Castle, slam poet, USA
12.  Tonia Passola, poet, Catalonia, ES
13.  Kristian Kozelj, poet, SI
14.  Emilija i Stojche Tocinovski, artist duo, MK
15.  Gustavo Vega Mansilla, poet, ES
16.  Danica Ivanovska Lepojevikj, poet, MK
17.  Vlado Fidanoski, artist, MK
18.  Lucilla Trapazzo, artist, CH
19.  Pina Tucci, poet, IT
20.  Simonida Filipova Kitanovska, artist, MK
21.  Martin Cvetkovski, DJ, MK
22.  Sara Redzic, fashion designer, MK
23.  Gordana Vincic, artist, MK
24.  Dashamir Malo, poet, AL
25.  Elena Prendjova, poet & national coordinator, MK