Woman Scream 2020-Accra-Ghana


On 15th March 2020, the Accra Woman Scream 2020 program began with some music and slowly the participants arrived.  There were two very active young girls under the age of 15 who were very excited to perform and spoke well on the theme. They were Vicentia Amaburu and Thomasina Chea who had more than one poem to perform.  A  participant, Jean Chantal Ayanga, spoke of the difficulty and struggles of being a single mother and how she overcame the challenges and negative attitude given to women in her situation.   
We also had Abena Antwi, Desmond Achaempong, Mawuli Selormey and Isaac Obeng and myself, Mariska Araba Taylor-Darko as some of the performers.  
Attendance was good, despite recent worldwide events but we took all the sanitary measures possible. We had more music and played some poetry recorded by professional poets to add to the ambience.  

All participants received their certificates and the owners of the venue, Mr. and Mrs Caspar Selormey gave the use of the  venue for free as their contribution to the event. 
Two volunteers, Raymond Dzandu and Kwame Fosu assisted in the event. Two FM Radio stations (Stephen Arman of Peace FM and Mr. Nii Okpoti Odamtten of Amanie FM covered the event and interviewed me.  

All look forward to next year!
Mariska Araba Taylor-Darko
WS Coordinator Accra