31 countries will be part of Woman Scream in March 2020

31 countries will be part of Woman Scream in March 2020

The Woman Scream Festival will be held throughout the month of March 2020, at different locations all over the world. The global chain of events will have 31 countries and, as every year, will carry out diverse cultural activities, developed from March 1st to 31st. These events include poetic recitals, exhibitions, talks, conferences, music, theater, dance and artistic manifestations in general. Woman Scream 2020 (Grito de Mujer) this year theme is “Who screams for you?”, and its activities will be about families whose children been touched by tragedy, due to feminicide.

Woman Scream is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year and for this reason, will be publishing two international anthologies of poetry written by women with “the scream” as a powerful affirmation and expression: “Woman Scream” (English) and “Somos el GRITO!” (Spanish). The copies of this books will be available at Amazon.com.

The countries that will be participating in Woman Scream 2020, “Who screams for you?” 10th Anniversary, are: Dominican Republic, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, United States, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Chile, Guatemala, Uruguay, Ecuador, Peru, Cuba, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Tanzania, Macedonia, Norway, Ireland, Luxembourg, France, Ghana, Australia, Nigeria, South Africa, and India.

Woman Scream is recognized worldwide for its outstanding achievement, and its coordinated by volunteer participants like groups, associations, festivals, foundations, poets and artists every year. Woman Scream started in the Caribbean in 2011 and spread all over the world. It been celebrated in more than 70 countries, with over 900 events coordinated across five continents.

You can find the full calendar of Woman Scream 2020 activities in the page www.womanscreamfestival.comor by following their social networks.