Woman Scream 2019-Macedonia

Source in Macedonian by Ljupco Jolevski HERE

With the participation of many artists, on March 28, in the Public Room in Skopje, Macedonia, the 9th Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival 2019, was celebrated for the fourth time, which is a worldwide chain of events where the public's voice is raised against violence against women.

Among participants where: Marija Dzidzeva, composer Darija Andovska, choreographer Ivana Balabanova, actress Jasmina Bilalovic, dancers Marta Arsovska and Kosta Andonov, poets and poets Maja Mojsova, Sandra Avrozievska, Irena Beleshkovska, D. A. Lori, Ana Ljubic, Slavica Dabevska Kirovska, Marina Miyakovska, Pero Sardzoski, Stoyan Tarapuza ... the architect Ekaterina Namicheva, the fashion designers Monika Blazevska, Aleksandra Jovanovska and Sara Redzic, the artists Emi and Toni Tocinovski, Kristijan Boskov, Gordana Vincic, Igor Ljubovcevski, are only some of the large number of participants at this year's Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival.

To the right, coordinators Brit Lilit and Olivera Docevska

With a video presentations of the Macedonian Woman Scream (or Grito de Mujer), a worldwide event known as the Women Poets International Movement (Mujeres Poetas Internacional MPI),  created by Jael Uribe or the "mother of the festival", the event was introduced by Christian Koželj from Slovenia, Simone Savo, Italy and Bailey Kessel, from the United States.

"What I especially liked about the recently completed Poetry and Art Festival Woman Scream, was the subtitle, 20 days after March 8th and what we did! since year after year we have been bringing younger and massive audience, and also in relation to the participants, we have people who for the second time, visit the manifestation. In fact, people that made their presence a tradition in our Festival, " Said poet and singer Elena Prendzova, one of the hostess of the event.

"Woman Scream" Festival is otherwise, a worldwide chain of events during March where poets and poets, artists and organizations from various countries volunteer to honor women's rights and send messages of self-esteem and respect and reinforce the public's voice against violence against women.

The festival began in 2011 and is now organized in more than 50 countries around the world, with more than 600 successful coordinated events. Moreover, it helps promote poetry internationally. Poets, poetry groups, artists and individuals who speak their messages in different languages ​​are present on it, as a way to fight back for the free contribution they give for this purpose.

National coordinators of the organization of the festival in the Republic of Macedonia are the poets Olivera Docevska and Elena Prendzova with the support of the organization "Justicia" and Brit Lilit, in partnership with the coordinators and coordinators from other countries around the world.

Finally, this event is not in favor of radical beliefs nor tendencies against men. With special piety it is accepted the support and cooperation by men exactly to the cause that represents the manifestation.

Otherwise, the Festival is organized every year on a voluntary basis with the support of donors, organizations and the business sector.

On the recently completed fourth edition of "Woman Scream Festival" in Macedonia, which as its motto this time had the slogan "I Scream for myself", as a part of the multimedia festival on voluntary basis was signed symbolic Declaration but with a strong message on the same theme from artists, supporters and supporters, collaborators and collaborators and guests and guests at the event, which will be submitted to the competent authorities.

"Together with men and women, with the Declaration that we signed and will send to the authorities, we called for the fact that we all have the responsibility, every day, to emphasize the injustice that women face and that we must not remain silent about inequality in the division of the leadership functions, poverty in the context of the gender aspect and not to talk about socio-economic factors that support gender inequality. We must not remain silent witnesses of violence against women and girls." Said the poet Olivera Docevska.

It adds that artists, poets and civic organizations have always been the strongest faces of a society that pulls forward, builds on their thoughts and deeds, and always speaks against the negative phenomena that are his image and are active actors of shifting consciousness towards a better tomorrow.
"Through this Festival we are joining to make a change. We, hundreds of altruistic associates from cities around the world, put on our service our hands, energy and resources and we want to help deliver the powerful message in favor of those who really need support, "she says.

With this Declaration and the existence of this festival, we send messages of solidarity and we want to strongly strengthen the public's voice against violence against women and gender equality, said Docevska.