Woman Scream 2019-Greece

Our event is officially part of this world Woman Scream Festival, having already honored the founding poet of Woman Scream, Jael Uribe as the 2nd International Beat Poet Laureate 2018 and organizing an honorary event for Woman Scream, its headquarters in Connecticut this March. Chryssa Velissariou, a physicist elected to the Municipality of Larissa and a poet, the coordinator of the Greek Woman Scream event in Athens with co-organizers the Arts Club "Elefsis and Hydrani" and "Nikolaos Mantzaros" Conservatory. 

In the framework of the 9th Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival, our event took place in the event's hall of "Elefsis and Hydrani" on the first Monday of March 2019 (March 4, 2019) with a distinctive title, as suggested by Woman Scream for this year "I scream for me".


Kasimatis Nikolaos Greeting on behalf of the artistic association "Elefsis and Hydra"
Chryssa Velissariou  Woman Scream coordinator's speech and performance of her poem "I scream for Me" especially written for the event.
Katerina Skintzi-Hadoulou  recites Katerina Angelaki-Rouk (1st honored poet)
Katerina Angelaki-Rouk  recites Katerina Angelaki-Rouk
Chryssa Velissariou recites Ismini Liossi (2nd Honored Poet)
Ismini Liossi recites Ismini Liossi
Maria Gouma recites Zoe Karelli
Soso Koliveri recites Matsi Chatzilazarou
Katerina Koliofoti recites Katerina Gogou
Maria Florou recites Coralia Theotoka 
Ismini Liossi recites Sarah Kane
Chryssa Velissariou recites Leda Ventoura (tribute to her memory)


Soprano Efi Dimetrelou
Harpsichord Julie Ventura
"Prelude Allemande suite no 1 re mineur"
Elisabeth /Claude Jaquet de la Guerre
"Que si puo fare"
Barbara Strozzi
"Dido's lament"
Purcell from Dido and Aeneas opera

"Stars'material" Aria on the poetry of Chryssa Velissariou
Composer: Pavlos Ventouras
Composed especially for the event
"Music swims back to me"  on a poem of Anne Sexton
Composer: Pavlos Ventouras
"You Do not Love Me" poetry Dionysios Solomos
Composer: Teo Spathis

2nd PART


The hall was full of people and during the whole event which lasted 7-10.30pm. The event was promoted before the event through phone calls and fb and it has disseminated through fb to Greek and International Groups.