Woman Scream 2019 Athens Greece

The Womam Scream Festival +NBPF event was celebrated on mach 4 in Athens Greece. It was a complete success. The little theater Elefsis & Hydrani was full and the whole program lasted from 7pm to 10.30pm.

A great hug of poetry and opera dedicated to women poets and composers one of them was with us and composed just for the event an aria on a poem of Anne Sexton, an aria on my poem Star Dust and another on a poem of our great national poet Dionysios Solomos.

Many poem on the violence against women were also recited. Famous Greek Poetesses or not. Two great Greek poetesses still alive came, and present to the event were honored: Mrs Katerina Aggelaki Rouk and Mrs Ismini Liosi.

I am so happy I opened the event by SCREAMING for the sake of me and every still fighting woman on this Earth.

Chryssa Velissariou
#womanscream2019 #Greece #Athens