Woman Scream Festival returns for 2019!

Woman Scream 2018 (Porto Rico)
Proofreading by: Sophie Yates

The Women Poets International Movement (Mujeres Poetas Internacional Inc.), based in the Dominican Republic, has announced that 35 countries will take part in its well-established Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival running from 1st-31st March 2019. The festival’s motto for its ninth year is I Scream For Me: a call for self-esteem and in support of the millions of women suffering from abuse, sexual harassment, lack of self-esteem and the effects of society stigma. Over 200 cultural activities will take place in support of women and as part of the fight to end violence against women.

Woman Scream is a free festival in March that’s open to the public and, since its launch in 2011, it’s been held in over 70 countries. The festival’s programme of concurrent cultural events covers art, music, dance, performance and poetry readings with a social conscience.

Several countries have said yes to Woman Scream 2019: I Scream For Me is a worldwide call and partners with several city venues. Countries include: Dominican Republic, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Portugal, USA, France, Italy, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Macedonia, Luxembourg, South Africa, Australia, Ireland, Trinidad & Tobago, Ghana, Norway, Greece, Cuba, Guatemala, Brazil and Nigeria.

A different kind of cultural event, Woman Scream is coordinated by volunteers and uses poetry and art to raise awareness and to promote change in the reality for women.

To learn more about our venues for 2019 and to check the full calendar of events across all participating countries, please go to our website www.gritodemujer.com, and under the menu follow the link for the calendar.


Woman Scream (WS) was launched in the Dominican Republic and created by Dominican poetess Jael Uribe. Since its launch in 2011, it’s contributed to enhancing the position of women in society through innovative and thematic cultural meetings. It takes advantage of social media and other networks to raise awareness of the different types of violence suffered by women around the world and is a platform for poets and artists (both women and men) whose work reflects the WS mission. Over 800 WS events have been celebrated in five continents, with the valued support of the institutions, poetry groups, poets and artists who hold a deep respect for our cause.