Woman Scream 2018-Macedonia

“Woman Scream Festival” of the Republic of Macedonia, was held on Thursday, March 28 ,from 7 pm - 23 pm,  at MKC Club & Restaurant, Skopje, the Republic of Macedonia, under the slogan "20 days after the March 8 and what have we done?"  It was organized and coordinated by Olivera Docevska and Elena Prendjova, with co-coordination of the Justicia Organization.

The festival was held to raise awareness of gender equality and against gender-based violence, and as a tribute to mothers, as guides of a new generation committed to a life without violence and, to mothers who have lost their daughters as a result of it. It was attended by women and men from all artistic fields.

At the first part of the evening, the panellists Biljana Dukovska from the Macedonian Anti-Poverty Platform - MAPP, Snezhana Smilevska from the Women's Organization Skopje, Natasha Dokovska from Journalist for Human Rights debated on three different topics: women and poverty, poverty as a sexist and the impact of poverty as a factor plus for violence against women, the violence against women and children, the need for their protection by removing the abuser from the home, the ratification of the Istanbul Convention, and the need for additional shelter centers for victims of violence and about  the model for reporting in the media for victims of violence and femicide, a search for sensationalism instead of compassion , understanding and protection. 

The Festival for poetry and art was open officially by  Studio for dance "Vaib" with modern dance in the choreography of Milena Maneva, as well as ballet performance of the composition of composer Darija Andovska for a fixed medium, choreographed by Elena Antonova Petrović and performance by students and students from DMBUC "Ilija Nikolovski - Luj" and students and students from FMU (ballet pedagogy);

Eminent poets: Stefan Mitic and Bogosav Pejic from Leskovac, Serbia, Nemanja Stojkovic - Bleki from Vranje, Serbia, Daniel Kubas Romero from Peru, Atanas Chuposki, Aneta Vasileva, Puntorie Muca Ziba, Irena Jurcheva, Ana Ljubic, Elena Prendzova, Xhabir Deralla and Olivera Docevska from Macedonia, performed their poetic copyright works at the MKC Club restaurant.

A small concert was performed by the singers of pop music Igor Uzunov and Valentina Gjorgjievska Pargo.


A mini-exhibition of the eminent artists: Jana Maneva Chuposka, Ivanka Baskar Apostolova, Toni and Emi Tocinovski, Lara Tashkovska Larson, an exhibition of jewelry by Emanuela Trajcevska, as well as an exhibition of artistic photography by photographer Cvetan Gavrovski took place on the event scene .

A fashion show under the motto "Women Scream" by the fashion designers Sara Redzik –Atelje Sari G brought to the finish line the formal part of the event, when тhe Studio for dance "Vibe" performed the Latin American dance performance "Rueda de Casino" - salsa . in the choreography of Kosta Andonov and Marta Arsovska  and ones again raised the audience to their feet to dance; then all continued to listen to Latin music.

The event was supported by CIVIL – Center for freedom, CIVIL Media, and the photographer Bibe Jordanovska by providing recording and photography, also by the Anastasija Pavlovska. In the end, certificates of appreciation were distributed.

The organizations that supported the event were: UN Women, the Mayor of the Municipality of Centar Skopje and the Municipality of Centar Skopje, the MKC Club restaurant, the Macedonian Platform against Poverty - MAPP, the Turkish Association YENİ Yildiz TÜRK Derneği "NEW STARS", NGO "Ambrela" - Skopje, Women's Organization Skopje, Journalists for human rights, the art studio "Fantast", the Studio for dance "Vibe" Skopje, Studio Sari G, CIVIL Center for Freedom, Justicia , and the portals civilmedia.mk and budnost.mk.