Woman Scream | 2nd International Meeting | Mexico | 2018

Mexico, March 2018. The Movement Mujeres Poetas Internacional (MPI) Inc., (Women Poets International) in association with the Grito de Mujer® brand (Woman Scream) based in the Dominican Republic, were the protagonists of the 2nd. International Gathering with poets, artists, friends and collaborators of the Woman Scream (Grito de Mujer) cause, from march 1st to 5th of march, in the State of Mexico. The events took place in Mexico City, Toluca, and the municipalities of Metepec, Tenango del Valle and Otzolotepec. The MPI gathered poets and artists to share the cause that has united hundreds of people and more than 70 countries around the world, to pay a tribute, throught poetry and arts, to all the mothers of the world, especially to all those who have lost their daughters as a result of the prevailing violence. The State of Mexico was chosen as the headquarters because of the high incidence of femicides registered there in recent times.

This meeting included an entertaining cultural program, but also with a high social and civic content, with more than 70 national and international poets, activists and artists invited. The poets began to move to the cities of Mexico and Toluca as of February 28, where they were welcomed by the coordinating team there.

Activity summary 


On Thursday, March 1st at 12:30 PM, the poets were taken by bus to Mexico City, where they formally opened at the José Martí Cultural Center with the presentation of the Anthology "Faros de Esperanza" (Flashlights of Hope), a compilation that brings together 69 poets participating in this call, in addition they were given the formal welcome with two typical Mexican dances by the Tiempo Latino Dance Group (CEUNI), the Toluca Children's Orchestra, the guitar of Daniel Rosales, Javier Tinajero Morales de Metepec, and the participation of two international tenors: David Páez and Manuel Vargas. The writer Jael Uribe, WS Founder, travelled there from the Dominican Republic to support the events, read the words written for the anthology, followed by a recital with the participating poets present at the event. Among them we count: Angela Vásquez, Carlos Mitru, Susana Argueta, Victoria Caro (Spain), María Palitachi (USA-Rep. Dom.) Eduardo Salazar, we had the motivating words of Mrs. Nidia Arias Ávila, who visited us from Colombia, to comment on the situation of women deprived of liberty in prisons in that country and read some motivating words that are part of her conference "Women in prison and prison context of Colombia."  

There was also the testimony of Mr. Gabriel Farfán who spoke to us about his work as a writer of books against women trafficking, rape and abuse, as well as having donated to the MPI Movement the book written in that regard. In the second round of reading participated: Alma Delia Cuevas, Guadalupe Pérez Cantellano, Zulma Quiñones (Puerto Rico). We counted on the words of the artist and illustrator of the anthology "Faros de Esperanza”, the Dominican Visual Artists, Yan Páez.

At 4:00 pm. We had a poetry recital in tribute to the mothers, in the Sala Adamo Boari of the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City. The event was full house and had the words of welcome were presented by the Dominican poetess, Jael Uribe, followed by a poetry declamation from M.L. Alarcón, a few words on behalf of the Governor of the State of Mexico by Gabriela del Mazo, who spoke about the importance of the word as an instrument of culture. A performance too place with a typical Mexican dressed woman, and the testimony of a Colombian man, about what it feels like to grow up without the love of a mother by his side, in addition to the participation of the international Tenor David Páez. 

The poets part of the recital were: Laura Moctezuma, Victoria Herreros (Chile), Andrea Naranjo (Colombia), Elios Miter, Lu Schaffer, María Elena Solórzano, Carmen Chauque (Argentina) accompanied by guitarist María Luisa Brown, Angélica Pineda ( Colombia), Khatin Mateluna (Chile), Marta Ofelia Valoy (Argentina), Rosalí de la Fuente, Rosario Lizama, Norma Guadalupe Zamarrón (Guatemala). 

The painter Gabriela Sodi addressed a few words to the public about the murders of women who have gone unpunished, continuing with the poetry recital by: Jazmín García, América Trejo, Mónica Reveles, Santa Rodal, Ticia Zamacona, Yolanda Rodríguez, Oscar Benítez (El Salvador) ), Jackelin Garriga (Bolivia), Leidi Torres (Kim Legy Law), Adriana Romero who sang a beautiful song in indigenous language, Mariángel Posadas, Bárbara Durán and closing with Antonia Callejas. Finally, the hosts gave farewell and thanks to the poets and artists for the great support to the first day of events of the meeting, and they were invited to continue following the events through the MPI social networks.

In the evening we enjoyed a group dinner at the rhythm of Mariachi in the well-known Plaza Garibaldi, where we could share laughs, experiences, anecdotes, and the talent of the solidarity artists that joined our call. We appreciate the entertaining intervention of David Páez and the wonderful musicians of the plaza.

Continuing on Friday March 2dn with a cultural meeting by different educational centers of Toluca and Tenango del Valle, starting at 9:00 am with kindergartens, high schools, among other centers. The visit to the school campuses was a success, because it was possible to make contacts with boys and girls from 4 years old, to more advanced high school students, where the poets could interact, tell experiences, poems, music, stories, and fun dynamics.

We found the level of attention received by the children impressive, so we were able to leave the message of this beautiful cause intact on their minds. We thank the teacher Liliana Mendoza from the Ministry of Culture, for her kind management and support on the success of this cultural meeting. It was enjoyable and orderly, as well as all the teachers from the different schools, who not only enjoyed the presentations, but also were also real heroines, protagonists of each act, contributing to order and organization. Special thanks to the campuses of CBT # 2, Villa Heroica, Gonzalo Aguirre and Jardín de Niños Hermanas Abasolo, Adolfo López Mateos School, and CEUNI High School in Toluca, in addition to the San Mateo Otzacatipan High School.

At 1:00 p.m., we had an active participation of students, community members, poets, artists, and the general public, at the premiere of the Tenango del Valle Theater. It was full house, and counted with the fun participation of Juan Gabriel's Double, José Luis García (Jhoapa), Several plays by the University Theater Company including the monologue of "La monja Jerónima", a tribute to Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, the fun theater of Titiripiés for children, The play "The Eternal Feminine" made the audience laugh by highlighting the difficult life of married women and their different situations of coexistence in family. This work had several sections, among them "El Espejo", “Tiempos Modernos”, and "La Anunciación".  

There were some words of gratitude from The teacher Liliana Mendoza, the exhibition of some paintings by Yan Páez, and the spectacular closing that stole the applause, was in charge of the Chilean poet Victoria Herreros and La Bandada band with her poetry and dance in tribute to mothers. We are also grateful for the cultural bus tours with the guidance and words of wisdom of Maryacarmen Nepomuceno and Noemí Sierra who served as tourist guides.

 At 7pm on the same day, we assisted to the opening of the Concert of the Symphonic Orchestra of EDOMEX (OSEM) in the Felipe Villanueva Concert Hall, dedicated to the Woman Scream 2018, and had a few welcoming words from its director, the Mtro. Rodrigo Macías. The pieces heard where by Nicolai Otto, Obertura The Merry Wives of Windsor, by Beethoven, Concerto for piano and orchestra No.1 in C Major Opus 15, Sergio Vázquez's great piano solo, and the impressive Symphony No. 6 in Si Menor were presented "Pathetic" Opus 74 by Tchaikovsky. At the end the musicians were given a standing ovation, and the poets took photos with some musicians from the orchestra.

On Saturday, March 3, the main event was held, the formal opening of the worldwide chain of events of the 8th. Woman scream International Poetry and Arts Festival: "Flashlights of Hope" that paid tribute and served as the beginning of the world chain in around 32 countries, in tribute to all mothers of the world, especially to all those mothers, pillars of society and committed to the upbringing for a life free of violence, also to those who have lost their daughters as a result of it. The master of ceremonies was the actor Víctor Hugo, who did a great animation job. There was the presence of women representatives of different governmental entities who gave the welcome to Toluca to the poets and artists. The main opening speech, had the moving words of Jael Uribe, who was dedicated to the entire Woman Scream team worldwide, especially the women who are part of the chain and who are struggling to be the change they want to see in their homes, jobs, countries and in the world.

Among the poets participating in the opening of oman Scream (Grito de Mujer 2018) were: América Trejo, Ticia Zamacona, Gabriela Arciniegas (Colombia), Angel Villa, Diana Hernandez, Andrea Naranjo (Colombia), Ana Alicia Cordero, Angela Vásquez, Martha Aguilar , Santa Rodal, Carmen Chauque (Argentina), Jael Uribe (Dominican Republic), Rosario Lizama, María Caro (Spain), Elena Solórzano, Alma Delia Cuevas, Jackelin Garriga (Bolivia), Oscar Benítez (El Salvador), Antonia Callejas, Susana Argueta, Jessica Jazmín García, Martha Valoy, Lu Schaffer, Mónica Reveles, Eduardo Salazar, Mar Barrientos, Bárbara Durán, Guadalupe Pérez Cantellano, Rosalí de la Fuente, Esther Téllez, Berkis Contreras (USA-Dominican Rep.), Elodia Corona, Norma Zamacona, Mariángel Gasca, Marisol Barahona.


There was also the reading of beautiful poems by Colombian women deprived of liberty, by the lecturer and Colombian penitentiary center official invited, the Licda. Nidia Noralda Arias Ávila and the beautiful and moving words of the painter with her mouth Alejandra Nava Neri. In the end, the Toluca collaborator read her words of thanks written in the anthology "Faros de Esperanza" as a farewell.

The participating artists were: Juan Gabriel's double, who opened the evening with his cheerful musical number and made everyone dance standing up. It was attended by guitarist Daniel Rosales, who sang a beautiful song in the indigenous language and international tenor David Paez. We had the participation of the Latino Time Dance Group who presented typical dances from different regions of Mexico, highlighting among them the number "La Iguana". The collaborator of Toluca with the "Dance of the Nine Muses" was also introduced. The magnificent performance of La Tuna Femenil Negro y Oro (UAEM), young women of music with a talent to entertain without equal, was highlighted.

In the evening, at 6:00 pm, a sharing and cultural tour was held at the José María Velazco Museum, where attendees could enjoy the works of these mexican artist and a special welcome with tango dance by the Grupo de Latin Time Dance.

At 7:30 p.m. the whole group enjoyed an evening with a horse show (Jaripeo), mariachis, and the awards ceremony where the collaborators of Woman Scream cause where honored with the trophy "Woman With Wings", from the 2nd. MPI Encounter. Among them were: The Otra Feria Collective, The Theater Company of Mexico, the poet Silvia López Gándara, the Dominican Painter Yan Páez and Mrs. María Alarcón. Each one received personalized words by our president Jael Uribe, and our team, highlighting their important role within the chain that makes the difference. Jael also stated that events like these are not done overnight, and are not done without the support of a team effort, knowing that the success of the festival is due to the hands of many involved in it. so, she expressed her gratitude to all who have put their small piece, to achieve the advancement of the movement and the development of the social mission that Woman Scream-Grito de Mujer represents.

On March 4th, there was a free morning and the exhibition of luxury vehicles by the "Club Friends of the Mustangs" in the Zócalo of Toluca (Main Plaza).

At 3:00 pm, in Plaza las Américas de Metepec, with massive attendance of public, artists, dancers, theater presentations, storytelling, poetry recital, etc., took place at the inauguration of the individual exhibition "Faros de Esperanza" by the painter Dominican Yan Páez as part of the world chain of the 8th. Woman Scream festival, together with other cultural activities. There was a toast courtesy of the plaza. This event was free, and open to all general public, who enjoyed a wonderful evening and could see some of the paintings that are part of our anthology. Thanks to the participation of the guitarist Gustavo Bacarlett, the dancer Andrea Nicole Sánchez, the Latin American music group Yetlani, the Mexican clothing designer Valeria Soberanis, the model María Renée Tinajero, the children and adult groups of Arabian Dances. The MPI is especially grateful for the great support of Laura Moctezuma, Heidi Itzel Morales Moctezuma, and Yesica Alfonso, along with the Administration of Plaza Las Américas for their great support in the success of this event.

On March 5th, book presentations were carried out by some participating poets, readings, etc. in Otzolotepec Municipality. In addition to a share with the poets who stayed on the city for longer time.

 On March 6th was the continuation of the Expo "Faros de Esperanza" by the Dominican painter Yan Páez, in the "Casa de las Diligencias", with the support of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, which highlighted and recognized his work , as part of our 2nd. International MPI’s Encounter. Yan Paez's paintings moved the public in general, due to its vibrant colors and its high content of female figures, strong women from all strata of society.

On March 8th, in honor of International Women's Day, at the University Cultural Center, the painter Yan paez, offered a painting workshop to the students, so that they could learn to interpret from their different perspectives, the symbolism of being a woman and how they wanted the woman to be seen in our society.

The MPI has chosen Toluca as its headquarters this year, having been considered as an important center to reach all cities in Mexico, and the world, with its message of support to mothers who fight for justice and, who protect their daughters against the scourge of violence.