Woman Scream 2018-Peth-Australia

We had a fantastic event in Perth with a strong line-up of women poets and spoken word artists, giving voice to narratives which have been silenced.  This year WA Poets Inc opted for a women-only cast of performers. There feature poets were Elise Kelly (Australia), Marziya Mohammedani (Kenya), Zainab Syed (Pakistan), Sandie Walker (Aus). Eleven more women performed their work to the theme of ‘Flashlights of Hope’: Christine Della Vedova, Ann Gilchrist, Georgia Hooper, Rafeif Ismail (Sudanese Australian), Annette Mullumby, Zan Ross (US), Maggie Van Putten (US), Rose Van Son and Jan Napier. 

45 women and 30 men attended ‘Woman Scream: Flashlights of Hope’ at the Moon. As an organiser and host, I provided information on the origins of Woman Scream and listed other ‘Woman Scream’ events happening around the world that same day. I mentioned the massive walk-out of 5.3 million women in Spain on International Women’s Day, which was met with tremendous applause. Further into the readings I asked all men in the audience to stand up, and we collectively thanked them for listening and told them they are important allies in this ongoing struggle.

Jane Cornes represented a local women’s refuge ‘Starick’ to talk about the importance of their work and where they need support, and collected over A$400 in cash donations.

Tineke Van der Eecken
Organiser for WA Poets Inc


"On Saturday 10th March 2018 the back room at the Moon Cafe in Northbridge had a full house for 'FLASHLIGHTS OF HOPE', a 'woman scream' event promoted by WA Poets Inc. Poetry focused on a spectrum of women's issues, highlighting both individual cases and shared concerns and experiences. The event was presented by an impressive line up of female poets from around the globe. Voices from various age groups, ethnicity and style reflected the diversity AND the unity of womanhood. There were multi generational attendees and it was wonderful to also have the support of many men in an enthusiastic audience.  Donations were received towards 'Starick', a local women's refuge.” Ann Gilchrist

“The event highlighted for me how much women's viewpoints had been silenced and suppressed. I heard their fierce truths in a refreshing and beautiful variety of poetic forms."
Adam Bennett

"An amazing afternoon at The Moon Cafe, William Street, Northbridge (WA Poets Inc) 2-4pm last Saturday afternoon (10 march 2018), organised by Tineke van der Eecken and Maddie Godfrey. The theme 'Torchlight of Hope' - wonderful poems to inspire women and men in society's fight on Violence Against Women. So many beautiful, strong, female voices; and the Moon Cafe was full; people standing in the aisles. You could have heard a pin drop when the poems were read. A beautifully organised event. I was honoured to be one poetry voice among so many amazing poets.”
Rose Van Son