Woman Scream 2017 Saint Petersburg Russia

Report on the Festival of poetry Woman Scream 2017 in St. Petersburg Russia

The event took place on March 31 2017. The venue was, as in all the previous years, at the Adelante, the center of Spanish language and culture.
This year there were ten competitors, three of them being our previous years’ participants.
The discovery of this year’s festival was Irina Kuksha, who presented her poem in Russian and in English, both excellently written.
The organizers and the jury were :
  1. Natalia Alexandrova, Associate Professor of the Academic University, Russian Academy of sciences
  2. Marina Drobysheva, Associate Professor, Alexander Pushkin Humanitarian University
  3. Ilya Kolodiazhny, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Journalism, St. Petersburg State University (jury)

The program included :
  • A short story of the International Festival Woman Scream, and the story about  how Teresa Calderon started it in St. Petersburg , by Natalia Alexandrova
  • The recital of a poem by the early 20th century poet  Igor Severianin, performed by a student Vladislav Golubtsov
  • The competitors read their poems
  • The jury spoke about the nuances of writing poetry, and announced the winners
  • The winners received certificates and prizes (mugs)
  • An informal talk and exchange of opinions, with wine and cakes.
Coordinator Natalia Alexandrova