Woman Scream 2017 Macedonia


“Woman Scream Festival” of the Republic of Macedonia, was held on Tuesday, March 28 , at various locations , and with different activities, at MKC Club & Restaurant, Skopje, the Republic of Macedonia, MKC Djebno kino and in the "Fantast" Art Studio in TC Biser, Skopje, under the slogan "20 days after the March 8 and what have we done?"

It was organized and coordinated by Olivera Docevska and Elena Prendjova, with co-coordination of the Justicija Organization.

The festival was held to raise awareness of gender equality and against gender-based violence, and against violence on little girls. It was attended by women and men from all artistic fields.

Video projections of the NGOs for women's rights – HERA and ESE were presented in MKC Djebno kino, where the panelists: Biljana Dukovska from the Macedonian platform against poverty – MAPP, Marija Savovska from the Akcija Zdruzenska, and Biljana Stramshak Gjurovska, debated on three different topics: women and poverty, women and single-parenting, and society’s invisible women. "20 days after the March 8 and what we have done?"., all in favour of gender equality, combating domestic violence and women's rights as the basis for a justice in society.

Eminent poets: Renata Penchova, Marina Mijakovska, Cvetanka Koleva, Natasha Sardjoska, Vasilka Golubova, Cathy Jovanova, Simona Tasheva, Xhabir Deralla, Diana Petkova, D. A. Lori, Olivera Docevska , Elena Prendjova, Dragica Najceska, Irena Jurcheva and Filip Kletnikov, performed their poetic copyright works at the MKC Club restaurant. A violin concert was held there, too, by the violinist Shkelzen Pajaziti.

A mini-exhibition of the eminent artists: Emilija and Stojche Tocinovski (acrylic paper), Ana Rankovitch (watercolor paper) Ganna Mozgova (mixed media) and Ivana Apostolova Baskar took place on the event scene in the "Fantast" Art Studio, TC Biser, Skopje.

A fashion show under the motto "Women Scream" by the fashion designers Sara Redzik –Atelje Sari G and Magdalena Tanevska – Magda, brought to the finish line the formal part of the event, where all continued to listen to Latin music at the MKC Club Restaurant. The event was supported by Civil – Center for freedom, Civil Media, and the photographer Bibe Jordanovska by providing recording and photography.

The organization that supported the event were: Elena Luka Foundation, Fashionel, MKC Club & Restaurant, MKC (Djebno kino), "Fantast" Art Studio, Civil – Center for Freedom, www.budnost.mk, Macedonian Anti-Poverty Platforme –  MAPP, YENİ Yildiz TÜRK Derneği – "New Star" Turkish Association, Justicia NGO, Association HERA, Association ESE and Municipality Center of Skopje.