Woman Scream 2016 Saint Petersburg Russia

VI International Poetry festival “Woman Scream”, Saint Petersburg, Russia

©T. Luisa Calderón

The VI Women Scream, in St. Petersburg, Russia, was held on Saturday March 26, 2016 at ADELANTE, the Center of Spanish Language and Culture. This year the festival opened in three languages, Spanish, English and Russian.

The poetry representation was fifteen participants with Russian poems, five participants with poem written in Spanish, one participant with a translation from Spanish into Russian, and one participant with a poem written in English. There were a total of twenty-two participants.

The organizer, the associate professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Natalia Alexandrova, made a short introduction about the history of Woman Scream Poetry Festival and welcome one student of the Spanish course to recite a poem written by Teresa Calderon.

Following the introduction, Marina Drobysheva (jury in the past Festivals), made a presentation to introduce this year organizers: Valeria Kusakina, Natalia Alexandrova, Marina Drobysheva and the jury Professor Iliya Kolodyazhny of the Journalism Department at the University of Saint Petersburg.

The recital started with thoughts that found lyrical expressions, the young poets brought emotions into their own poems, some recited by heart, others partially read and the energy in their words burst in understanding and in defense of women.

After the recitation, the jury made announced and awarded the winners. There were three winners in Russian poetry, one in Spanish and one in translation from Spanish. The activity came to an end with touch sharing words enjoying tea and biscuit.