Woman Scream 2016 Macedonia

Woman Scream Festival in the Republic of Macedonia was held on Monday, March 28, at MKC Club & Restaurant in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, at 8 pm under the motto of: "20 days after Women’s Day and what have we done?"

It was organized and coordinated by Olivera Docevska and Elena Prendjova, with the co-coordination of Justicija Organization. The festival was held to raise awareness of gender equality and against gender-based violence. It was attended by women and men from all artistic fields.

The participants were prominent artists such as:

Performing artists Ivana Atanasovska, an actress playing the theater performance "There shall (not) be the war", Vlatko Stefanovski was performing a ballet piece, and Daniel Dann Stojmanovski, a pop music singer, gave a music recital performance.

Among literature, there were the eminent poets: Xhabir Deralla, Violeta Tanceva Zlateva, Elena Prendjova, Olivera Docevska, Marina Mijakovska, Marta Markoska, Viktorija Siljanoska, Delvina Kërluku, Asdren Cheliku, Aleksandra Velinova, Keti Jovanova, Cvetanka Koleva, Stefan Markovski as well as the young poets Riste Irakoski and Martin Ristevski, who were accompanied by the guitar sounds of Aleksandar Peshevski

The evento also counted on a mini-exhibition by eminent artists such as Simonida Filipova-Kitanovska – watercolor technique paintings, Simon Kalajdziev – mixed media collage and drawing technique paintings, Tony and Emi Tocinovski – drawings, Ivanka Apostolova – comic illustrations, Evgenija Lisichova – on-the-spot mini-portraits of attendees and participants.

Republic of Macedonia’s Champions of Latin American dance for the year of 2014, Vlatko Stefanovski and Julijana Jovanovska, brought to the finish line the informal part of the event, a 5-minute Latin-American dance performance and then they danced with the guests.
The event was supported by the camera and photography of Civil Center for Freedom and Civil Media, and also by the photography of the young Anastasija Pavlovska.

The organizations which supported the event were: The Macedonian Anti-Poverty Platform, Yeni Yildiz Turk Derneği – the Turkish Association in the Republic of Macedonia, the National Council for Gender Equality – SOZM, ROMA SOS Prilep and MKC Club & Restaurant.