Here comes Woman Scream Festival 2016!

Women Poets International Movement (MPI) Inc. Invites you to the worldwide acts of the 6th Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival 2016 under the theme "Desert Flowers", a tribute to the Iranian Soraya Manutchehri victim of stoning, as well as all victims of ancestral torture methods such as ablation, acid attacks, crimes of honor, among other practices. The events will be celebrated in over 30 countries throughout the month of March from 1st to 31st. The festival grand opening will take place for the first time in the city of Madrid the days 2, 4, 5, 6, 10 and 12 March 2016. The 6th Woman Scream Festival will include exhibitions, concerts, theater, music, dance, performance and other presentations, with the participation of poets and artists from different supportive institutions and groups, acting together as a big chain of events in favor of non-violence against women. Festival’s events are free and open to the public in general.

Among the Woman Scream 2016 participating countries we can count The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Spain (2016 host), Argentina, Mexico, USA, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Portugal, Canada, France, Haiti, Greece, Morocco, Italy, Australia, Russia, Switzerland, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, India, Germany, Macedonia, among others.

Woman Scream contemplates since 2011, a long chain of simultaneous events in over 500 locations across 5 continents. Born and coordinated from the Dominican Republic and created by the writer Jael Uribe, the festival counts with the support of hundreds of helping institutions worldwide, with a main goal: Paying a tribute to women throughout the month of March, and delivering messages of self esteem, respect and zero tolerance against women violence.

Through Woman Scream, the Women Poets International Movement motivates their followers, friends and colleagues to join massively to the cause by attending the festival from its different locations and venues, and to volunteer supporting the wonderful mission of Woman Scream cause, projects and ideas. 

You can access the WS calendar and updated list of participating cities by visiting and clicking the English section on the menu. Or by visiting the blog  


  1. great--salute woman power
    बिना ''शक्ति'' के तो ''शिव'' भी ''शव'' के समान है


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