Check for Woman Scream Festival 2016 opening in Madrid

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The Women Poets International Movement (Mujeres Poetas Internacional MPI) Inc. Invites to the opening acts of the 6th Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival under the theme "Desert Flowers", a tribute to the Iranian Soraya Manutchehri victim of stoning, as well as all the victims of ancestral torture methods such as ablation, acid attacks, crimes of honor, among other practices. The city of Madrid will be for the fist time the host of the renowned festival in a series of events that will take place the days 2, 4, 5, 6, 10 and 12 of March 2016. The 6th. Woman Scream-Madrid will include exhibitions, concerts, theater, music, dance, and the presenting a collective anthology with participant poets. The events will be conducted in locations such as the Cultural Center of Buena Vista, Foundation Poetry Center Jose Hierro, the Public Library Eugenio Trias, The Ateneo of Madrid, among others. Festival events will be free and open to the public.

As a main entrance, the MPI will celebrate, in the halls of RafaelHoteles Ventas 4* scheduled in March 5 at 21:30 hrs., the 1st. MPI International Movement Meeting, where for the first time, Spanish speaking members, friends and supporters of the MPI and the Woman Scream cause, will enjoy a gala dinner, an award ceremony for featured coordinators and ambassadors of WS, and will have an intimate space for poetry reciting and sharing.

Woman Scream contemplates since 2011, a long chain of simultaneous events in over 500 countries across the 5 continents. It is coordinated from the Dominican Republic by the MPI, paying a tribute to women during every month of March, and sending messages of self-esteem, respect and zero tolerance to violence.

Through Woman Scream, the Women Poets International Movement motivates its followers, friends and colleagues to join massively to the supporting of festival’s events whether in their cities, or in the meetings at Madrid this year. You can access general calendar to check other participating cities in Woman Scream 2016: “Desert Flowers” by visiting