All it takes is a SCREAM to lit up the world!

By Jael Uribe

While the magic is still fresh, and the taste of Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival 2015 resounds in our tongues, we dared to take a closer look to what we've done during the whole month of march.  Being part of the UNESCO events of the 2015: International Year of Light  (IYL) has given the scream events a whole new meaning, as for light, is not only a subject to be studied scientifically, but also in its purest metaphysical way. As president of Women Poets International Movement and creator of Woman Scream events, I dare to say this is been one of the most amazing and meaningful chain of events we ever had. Finding that light has united us (men and women) to achieve a goal towards better causes is a very valuable experience.

We have been able to open to this new concept, and let our project to become embraced by this vibrancy, so we could deliver a different point of view among other IYL initiatives, and bringing a whole new meaning to light as the motif that impulses women to search within themselves, in other to reach a whole new level of conscience and, so to say, “illumination,” to raise their voices against all kinds of violence they suffer. I do believe not only the domestic violence was to be focused on this events, but also the most dangerous violence there is, the one existing among themselves. The silent eternal rivalry between one another that forbids them from facing their actual sexist reality in a effective way. So we themed this festival “Women of Light”, and spread our scream worldwide in over 40 countries in all ways we could.  Over 160 altruistic events were celebrated by women and men poets and artist, public and private institutions in different cities to honor this cause. I do believe in the importance of becoming light human beings, to eradicate the violence from inside out, so we delivered this message on our Woman Scream 2015: Women of Light.

It was important showcasing the spiritual meaning of light and all it represents, but we also pointed a main symbol women could embrace, the Mirabal Sisters (Butterflies) as worldwide martyrs of political violence, for they represent the fight against violence worldwide we embrace, and as an example for those women who strive to reach better conditions for their gender in all society levels. We are aware this fight is far from being gained, unless we recognize there is to be a gradual change in every women, men and child's mind. We seek to plant a seed into people's consciences, inside their minds and souls on every Woman Scream event we celebrate. We deeply believe we need to built a better humanity to eradicate violence from our lives. We must become “Women of Light” to teach our children, husbands, and fellows, there is an effective solution to the problem.

We are on our way to it, all it takes it a scream!


 Jael Uribe

Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She is a writer, storyteller, poetess, graphic designer, and painter. President of Movimiento Mujeres Poetas Internacional (MPI) Inc. (Women Poets international Movement). She is considered the initiator of the Woman Scream International Poetry Festival (Grito de Mujer) and its brand, a worldwide  chain of events celebrated in march that honors women, it also serves as platform for poets, and artists, to raise their voices against women violence. She writes poetry and fiction since her early years and has devoted her time to develop cultural projects that promote female contemporary poetry internationally. Your can learn more about her and her projects in: , , , and the english WS blog: