Woman Scream 2015 in St. Petersburg, Russia

As in the previous years the Woman Scream festival was held in the Center of the Spanish language and culture “Adelante”. The hospitable hosts provided the festival with a lovely venue where the participants and guests felt comfortable to read the poems, speak about their occupations and interests and exchange opinions. 
The program of the event included:
  1. Greetings on behalf of Adelante presented by Cristina Peres, coordinator
  2. Short history of the world festival Woman scream presented by Natalia Alexandrova (Associate Professor of the Academic University RAS)
  3. The story of the St. Petersburg Woman Scream events and activities and contribution of their first organizer – Teresa Calderon, presented by Natalia Alexandrova
  4. Teresa Calderon’s poem “St.Petersburg” read by Marina Drobysheva (Associate Professor of the University of Cinema and Television)
  5. Marina Drobysheva introduced the jury – Boris Misonzhnikov, writer, poet, and Ilya Kolodiazhny, journalist, poet. Presentation of participants
  6. Cristina Peres read a poem by Pablo Neruda in the Russian translation
  7. Participants read their poems:

  • Alina Dyatlova Prayers
  • Diana Lunit Without you
  • Ekaterina Anosova Not to women
  • Ekaterina Prrsniakova Think…
  • Dasyl Kim Autumn leaves
  • Anna Rybalka Without a title
  • Tatyana Kachalova Take care
  • Elena Shamina Thank you, my body
  • Asan Akerke Ballads about women’s tears
  • Mayumi Sakamoto Mariposas
  1. The jury thanked all the participants and announced the poem, which impressed them most. It was “Prayers” by Alina Dyatlova. All got certificates, and Alina was awarded.
  2. The official part thus finished, and the participants and guests enjoyed champagne, cake, tea and cookies. It was when the guests joined and read poems and exchanged ideas.