Program Woman Scream 2015 India, New Delhi


With Aditi Angiras

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Cri de Femme International Poetry and Arts Festival
March 2015 (Indo-French collaboration) organized by The Clay Taurus Collective, New Delhi

The Cri de Femme International Poetry Festival (Grito de Mujer/ Women’s Scream) is a worldwide cultural non-profit chain of events coordinated by the Movimiento Mujeres Poetas Internacional (MPI/ Women Poet’s International Movement), based in the Dominican Republic. It is the brainchild of Dominican poet, Jael Uribe.

Aditi Angiras, the founder of the Clay Taurus Collective, has been invited by Stéphanie Melyon-Reinette aka Nefta Poetry, the French ambassador of MPI, to participate in the annual Cri de Femme International Poetry and Arts Festival in March 2015 and organize the festival in India. The Cri de Femme festival to be held in New Delhi is going to be an Indo-French collaboration.

The Clay Taurus Collective is a coming together of women poets, artists, activists, lawyers, scholars and young professionals interrogating gender and sexual politics. The Collective seeks to articulate and emphasize the existence of the sexual beyond restricted structural binaries. To further this vision, the Clay Taurus Collective is organizing the Cri de Femme International Poetry and Arts Festival in Delhi.

The Festival is a shout out, a loud tremor displacing silence with art(iculations), articulations of an anxious kind, of a sexual which refuses to be compartmentalized into neat binaries. The discourse on pleasure and desire have been co-opted by the existing neo-liberal discourse, with the reactionary ruling class appropriating these discourses and manipulating them to fit their own patriarchal agendas. The festival as an alternative space unravels these binaries, unlocking golden chests and gapes in wonder at the pieces falling apart. It is a journey of redefining sexuality and desire through the interrogation of epistemology, politics and modes of production of power.


March 14 - Kartoos: Spoken Word Poetry and Rap
March 15 - Cunternarratives: An art exhibition and Sex Positive Spaces Workshop
March 16 - Screening of independent films by women filmmakers.
March 17 - Talab: The Becoming of a Sexual Feminine, Searching Desire and Pleasure
March 18 - Low Chai/ Lowcha hai: A networking meet for independent businesses and startups run by women.


Spoken Word Poetry and Rap

March 14, 2015


Kartoos is a stage for expressing frustration, anger, joy, longing, revolution, protest through undoing the boredom of the written word, by bringing on stage the faces and voices and bodies of female poets, through their poetry, spoken and sung. If there are words strumming the open veins of your spine, we invite you to share the stage and the backseat with us.

Art Exhibition

March 15, 2015


Cunternarratives is an art exhibition bringing to platform female artists, cuntextualising female sexuality and desire through expressing the expression in myriad ways. We invite female artists to bring their voices and participate in this process of imagining the articulation of the sexual.


March 17, 2015
“TALAB: The Becoming of a Sexual Feminine, Searching Desire and Pleasure”

A one-day conference unraveling, unwrapping and undoing existing discourses on sex, sexuality, pleasure and desire through a lens of protest, law, art and internet.
The mesh of the sexual shall be untangled through four (tentative) panels:
Desiring Protest (Deepti Sharma)
The Law Penetrates the Sexual (Nikita Agarwal)
Sighting sites of desire (Oindrila Duttagupta and Jasmine George)
Panic at the Disco (Aditi Angiras)

The Clay Taurus Collective members: Aditi Angiras, Amrita Bhasin, Nikita Agarwal, Deepti Sharma, Oindrila Duttagupta, Shruti Angiras and Ketaki Nagaraju.