Woman Scream | Celebrates | 5th Anniversary

Woman Scream International Poetry Festival reaches its fifth anniversary next March 2015, and we want to make a special tribute to a group of heroines’ initiators of this social mission we have assumed with respect, courage and pride since 2011.

Woman Scream has been a standard for the voices of hundreds poets and artists in different countries, raising awareness, taking messages of self-teem to women everywhere, and joining the worldwide fight against violence, using our best tools: words and art.

Historically, the fight against women's violence, so to say, begins with the terrible murder of Mirabal sisters, (The Butterflies) Patria, Minerva, and Maria Teresa at the Dominican Republic on November 25, 1960 ordered by the dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo. The murder shocked international consciousness, triggering another series of events that led to Colombia in 1981 with the celebration of the first Latin American and the Caribbean Feminist Encounter. Activists marked November 25 as a day to combat and raise awareness of violence against women. It’s not a coincidence that is in the Dominican, where the Woman Scream International Poetry Festival settles, to continue this ongoing campaign spreading many heroines' legacy through poetry and arts, so their screams are never forgotten.

Woman Scream 2015 will adopt the theme "Women of Light", as a tribute to Mirabal Sisters. Guidelines to previous and new events coordinators have been updated. Apply for the WS guidelines and become part of this beautiful cause!

We hope to count on your support. Join us now!

For more information about the Mirabal sisters and November 25th check:

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