We Have released the Scream! (Woman Scream 2014)

The 4th Woman Scream International Poetry Festival ended last March 31, 2014 with an exceptional rate of success. Over thirty countries joined this innovative project, celebrating over a hundred events worldwide to commemorate women’s month with poetry and art in all its manifestations. The main goal was to carry out messages against women violence. The initiative was first launched in 2011 at the Dominican Republic, and spread worldwide with the support of multiple institutions and partners who shared the common goal.

Last March from 1st to 31th, several events where celebrated in different countries, stating with an opening at the Dominican Republic with the recital We are heroines! and the launching of Woman Scream brand new official image, to the closing with a recital, and a conference in Italy and Mexico. From start to finish poetry readings, seminars, art exhibitions by women, women artist’s concerts, performances, theater presentations, and even a Circus mixed with poetry, among other novelties, shaped the long chain of worldwide events held simultaneously during that month.

Among the committed countries that performed Woman Scream this year are: Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, USA, Canada, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Peru, Honduras, Haiti, Panama, Guatemala, Bolivia, Chile, Portugal, Brazil, France, Germany, UK, Russia, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Australia, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Kosovo, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Angola, Ghana, and South Africa.

Woman Scream International Poetry Festival (Grito de Mujer) was started by the Dominican poetess and designer Jael Uribe, President (MPI) grows each year, and gets translated into several languages ​​thanks to the altruism of hundreds of people and initiatives that support its work, allowing Woman Scream to echo across frontiers, breaking silence for a noble cause.

Uribe thanked each and every one of the coordinators from their cities, who she called “the real heroes and heroines of this cause”, and most especially to those who joined this project since the beginning, for believing in the greatness of her dream and as she said, in the opening at the Dominican Republic:

-" Thank you all, for making my dream something yours."

This are Woman Scream 2014 heroes:

PUERTO RICO : Zulma Quiñones ,
SPAIN : Pedro Luis Ibáñez , Nuria Espinosa , Creative Women Vallés, Virtues Reza , María Sánchez , Ana Belén , Juan Francisco González , Canary Caribbean Studies Center , The Atlantic, Poetry Workshop " Espejo de Paciencia " Anabel Cendrero , Antonia Cerrato, Rosa Garde, Amnesty International Málaga, Andalucía GEMS Education , Red Butterfly, CRUMBS Association , Cultural Association Namasté , Dana Vignati , Liisa Lahdenmäki , Isabel Martínez Ascension , Irel Faustina Bermejo, Pedro Vera , Ascension Garcia, Beatrice Borgia, Ivonne Sanchez Idoia Carramiñana .
MEXICO : Monica Gameros , José Emilio Pacheco House , Lima Maya , Mexico Association of Women Embracing , Enma Obrador , Maria Luisa and Rocio Alarcon, Francisco Gutiérrez , Alicia Meza, Alexandra Botto, Lucia Yepez, Rocío Prieto Valdivia.
ARGENTINA : Gito Minore , Margarita Mangione, Maria Cristina Drese , Stella Maris Leone , Ministry of Culture Pehuajó, Alzira Ross, Marta Macias, Mariana Vacs , Alejandra Mendez, Mabel Pereyra, Fabiana Gabriela Rivero .
COLOMBIA : Janne Trespalacios Lorena , Ana María Gómez .
COSTA RICA : Mirambell Teresita Aguilar , Carlos Chavarria Diaz .
NICARAGUA : Augusta Maria Montealegre.
BOLIVIA : Rosse Marie Knight , Lu Daniela Gonzales, Dr. Viruz , Cecilia De Marchi Moyano , Coral Menacho Arteaga , Maria Zapata Natusky , Yellcka Kippes , Daniel Gonzalo Rodriguez.
PERU : Socorro Isabel Barrantes .
PANAMA : Dayra Olmedo Miranda .
ECUADOR : Paulina Jaramillo Soledad .
GUATEMALA : Chelita Aguilar, Andry Oliveros , Rosario Jerez, Poetry Slam Xela, Joshua Donald Urízar .
HONDURAS : Indira Flamenco.
CHILE : Monica Tapia , Silvia Ozório .
PORTUGAL : Writers Circle Moçambicanos na Diaspora.
BRAZIL: Tânia Livia Diniz and Tucci.
USA: Angelina Llongueras, Free Poets Collective, Colin Haskin , Dorothy Payne , Blanche S. Otero, Sylved Marrero, Mery Larrinua , Pilar Velez Foundation Between Us , Yudelka War Berkis Contreras, link you Hispanoamerican Arts and Cultural Organization, Vanessa Torres.
CANADA: Friends of the Poetree Mistress Moon.
FRANCE : Prisca Stephanie Melyon - Reinette et Melyon - Reinette ( NEFTA Poetry ) , Gerald Toto , Prisca Melyon - Reinette , Anansi Office'Elle Viviane Melyon , Espace Viv'Elle .
HAITI : Organisation Feministe D' Elles, Darline Guilles .
RUSSIA: Teresita Calderon.
KOSOVO : Ilire Zajmi .
GREECE : Helena Stagkouraki .
GHANA : People of Equal Thoughts and Spirit POETS
SOUTH AFRICA : Tralone Khoza .
NIGERIA: Temi Bamgbose .
ZIMBABWE : Batsirai E Chigama .
TANZANIA : Neema Komba , The Poetista .