Woman Scream 2014 Kosovo

The 4th Woman Scream International Poetry Festival  was held on 26 March on Wednesday in Pristina for the third consecutive year, this time with the theme of heroin, organized by PEN centers in Kosovo,  with coordinator, writer Ilire Zajmi Rugova

Poetry  aims to combat violence against women in Kosovo and in the world, which according to coordinator, is documented with shocking figures. 

According to her, heroines who have served emancipation and development of women are referred to us a little,  while except one book “Albanian Distinguished Woman”  published by writer Edi Shukriu, is a book that has influenced the progress of Albanian women in the world. 

"One of those who have written about the role of women heroine is academic Shukriu, which has done a great job by publishing the book known Albanian Women, which has shown that women have offered precious values ​​of culture, history, education , science and art in general. I believe that this book has somehow influenced not only at home but also in the region, with a view to the Albanian women are recognized for their ideal in the world "  said Zajmi –Rugova. 

University professor and writer Qibrije Demiri Frangu in her referee talked about Albanian heroine and their impact in the literature.    

In the event in Prishtina, held in the premises of Europian Cultural and Informative Center, woman and  men writer’s participated.  

The musicians were from the musical school “Vihuela” who  with guitar and flute followed  reading of poems of some  distinguished kosovan poets, as archaeologist and poet Shukriu, Eli Krasniqi, Mirlinda Koxha, Vjosa  Maqedonci Osmani, Arif Bozaxhi,  Fahredin Shehu, Jeton Kelmendi, Shukrije Gashi, Burbuqe Rushiti, Qibrije Frangu Demiri  and Ibrahim Kadriu. 

During the event the portraits of the woman heroines where shown in the big screen in the power point presentation, based on the book "Distinguished Albanian Woman".


Heroinat dhe britma e tyre