Woman Scream 2014 in Tanzania

This was the second Scream in Tanzania! About 400 people showed up at the event celebrated on March 28, 2014 at 7pm. At the Goethe Institut, in Upanga Dar-es-salaam, and the screams were louder than ever.  Poets lit a fire on that stage with their words; there were tears, hope, and even laughter as the audience took an emotional journey with the poetry and music. “This was our best one yet”. -Said Neema komba from La Poetista, event’s coordinator. There were so many performers, young men and women. It was just so awesome that young people could get together and SCREAM with all they have and be heard. It was an unfitting experience.

La Poetista collaborated with AIESEC- Institute of Finance Management (IFM) Chapter, an international students’ organization, to organize this event. It was hosted by Goethe Institut sponsor, and Survivorhood that sponsored communication. Also the event received the collaboration of Legal and Human Rights Center (LHRC) who brought materials on gender based violence to share with the audience, TBC FM- Esther Namuhisa hosted talking about Woman Scream on her radio program, and Vijana FM ran the event story prior to the event. The coordinators thank Jael Uribe, MPI’s President and general coordinator of Woman Scream festival worldwide, for her encouragement, and guidance as they prepared for the event. 

Members of the Organizing Committee worked hard to make sure the event happened. A special appreciation goes to the team who made it possible: Keziah Elaine Ayikoru, Nancy Lazaro, Naamala Samson, Edgar Lushaju, Charles Mtae, and Susan Ponera all from La Poetista. Gonsalves Mpili, Hafifa Bahfif,  Martin Venance, Kelvin  Isangya, and Leah Kulamiwa all from AIESEC  IFM for all their hardwork and commitment. 

On behalf of La Poetista team, Neema Komba also thanked all the performers who replied to the calling and put in their creative geniuses to create the content for the show: poets, singers, instrumentalists and actors. Even the special theme song that was written and arranged by Gwakisa, and featured Doris (singing), Dennis (rap), Essau (drums), Douglas (base), and Gaude (poet). In no particular order these were the artists that showcased their work for woman scream:  Adam Kapilima (poetry, drama), Zainab Issa (poetry), Alex Method (Poetry), Zuhura Seng’enge (poetry), Keziah Ayikoru (poetry, music), Doris Kaitesi (poetry, music), Ghalib Machano (poetry), Brian Sseremba (Rap), Dennis Mkumbwa (Rap), Gaude Kalabamu (poetry), Gwakisa  Mwambungu (Music), Essau Sanane (Music), Douglas Ssemakalu (Music), Daniel Shishira (drama), Emmanuel Mwinuka (drama), and Neema Komba. Also Komba thanked all artists and people that showed interest but were unable to showcase, she opened the welcoming for next time. Last but not least, she thanked the audience that came to the show regardless of the weather and traffic, all of those who helped us scream, to end violence against women.  She hoped to have a bigger impact next time, due to the second scream was success.