Perth Australia's contribution to WOMAN SCREAM 2014

Last 8th March 2014, 2pm - 4pm  on The Moon Café, Northbridge WA Australia by
Perth Poetry Club ( &  WA Poets Inc (
took place a recital part of the Woman Scream International Poetry Festival 2014,
a worldwide event called from the  Dominican Republic by Women Poets International

The Organizers of the event in Perth were Kate Arnautovic & Elio Novello. Over
50 people  attended and around 27 poets participated in the reading to honor women
and against violence.

Participant Poets: Phoebe Sullivan (Poem Blind), Larraine Duncan (Rape + You Woman I Am Man),  
Danny Gunzburg (To Claire + Tell Me Lady True (Song), Jan Napier (To Be A Woman),  
Annette Mullumby, (She Rises + You Never Told Me), Sandie Walke (Broken + Ashes + 
We Made a Kind of Blues), Allan Padgett (I am Ashamed to be a Man), Sue Clennell 
(Riddle + Glass Flowers + Battered + Maria was 39), Dean Meredith (The Lady and Me),  
Tim Parkin (The End of the Line),  Dorothy Wylie (Closed Circuit), Ron Okely  
 (Reclaim the Night),  Steve Cole (Inspiration + To Speak + Beautiful Stranger), 
Rahima Yelagic (Brave n' quick),Sandra Rawrs  (Home Alone), Joyce Parkes 
(Help (read by Coral Carter), Meryl Manoy (Scream Woman), Peter Rondel (I am a Man),  
Gary De Piazzi (In Her Eyes), Helen Janice (Light Worshiper), Neil J (BRiLO) Pattinson 
 (ANTi Curriculum), Jamie MacQueen, Coral Carter (Pudenda), Dougie from Scotland 
 (Ode to a Mouse part 2),  Chris Arnold (Domino + Canary), Ele Lawlor (Ignorance and Judgement),
 Jonathon Twist, and Alexia Biddle.