Woman Scream 2014 is on the way!

Next March 2014, more than thirty countries will add their voices to the worldwide chain of events at the 4th Woman Scream International Poetry Festival. The initiative born in the Dominican Republic, has spread to several countries, and aims to commemorate women's poetry, the role of women in society, and to deliver messages of respect, self-esteem and no violence against women, through poetry and cultural activities. The Woman Scream 2014 festival is a chain of simultaneous events with the participation of men and women of different generations. It’s organized by Women Poets International Movement (Movimiento Mujeres Poetas International, MPI, Inc.), and enthusiastically embraced by followers and members from different cultural environments internationally.

Woman Scream 2014 festival is promoted through many social networks and has been recognized internationally by enlisting the support of important institutions worldwide. The primary objectives of the festival are providing a platform to talented women poets who support the cause, and the use of art and poetry as a social tool to promote non-violence against women. Public and private entities support the cause this year in countries such as: Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico , USA , Canada, Spain, Argentina, Mexico , Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Peru, Honduras, Haiti, Panama, Bolivia, Chile, Portugal, France, Germany, UK, Russia, Greece, Italy, Israel, Morocco, Australia, Bosnia - Herzegovina, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana, Angola, among others.

The first Woman Scream International Poetry Festival was held in honor of Susana Chavez, the Mexican poetess murdered in 2011, with the participation of 17 countries and a total of 44 events celebrated in Europe, U.S. and Latin America. In 2012, boundaries reached other nationalities including Africa and India with 30 participating countries and 95 events scheduled. The last 2013 more than 100 events were planned honoring the Pakistani Malala Youfsuzai. This 2014, new nations have joined this cause in pursuit of a common goal.

You can check more about Woman Scream festival 2014 and previous events on http://womanscream.blogspot.com Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

List of participating events will be posted on this blog and social networks soon!


  1. Very interesting post but it doesn't have specific information about where to find out what is going on locally. March is creeping up and I'm afraid I will miss out.

  2. The calendar will be posted soon. There are many events that need to be comfirmed this month. Thanks.


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