Woman Scream strikes back again!

Next March 2014, several countries will once again be part of the events for the 4th. Woman Scream International Poetry Festival called from the Dominican Republic by Women Poets International Movement (Mujeres Poetas Internacional MPI), a cultural activity that includes a long chain of poetic and artistic events with the participation of men and women of different generations. The festival is celebrated in commemoration of the importance of women’s role in society, and also serves as a platform for talented poetess all over the world who collaborates inside and outside the movement. Woman Scream holds the important mission of using art and poetry with a social purpose: Sending messages of non-violence against women. This goal is also supported by solidary groups and institutions worldwide.

The first list of participating countries will be launched November 25th to commemorate the International Day of Nonviolence against Women. These will be some of the participating countries so far: Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Haiti, USA, Canada, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama, Guatemala, Bolivia, Chile, France, Portugal, Russia, Greece, Italy, Australia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana, others will be confirmed before March 2014.

The first Woman Scream Festival International Poetry Festival was held to honor Susana Chavez, the Mexican poetess murdered in 2011, with the participation of 17 countries and a total of 44 events celebrated in Europe, U.S. and Latin America. In 2012, boundaries reached other nationalities including Africa and India with 30 participating countries and 95 events scheduled. The last 2013 more than 100 events were planned honoring the Pakistani Malala Youfsuzai. By 2014, participation of new nations is expected, uniting many people in pursuit of a common goal.

You can check more about Woman Scream and previous events on http://womanscream.blogspot.com Facebook and/or Twitter.