Calling for Coordinators of Woman Scream International Poetry Festival 2014

*Please send us an e-mail clicking the contact button of the menu to request for WS written guidelines. Please read the notes below the video. Thanks for supporting this cause!

Children in Woman Scream 2011 Colombia
 Calling for Coordinators of Woman Scream International Poetry Festival 2014 As part of its Social Mission, Women Poets International Movement (Mujeres Poetas Internacional-MPI) announces, from the Dominican Republic, its 4th calling for poets, poetry groups or/and cultural institutions interested in coordinating a Woman Scream 2014 event on their cities. This calling is for previous and new coordinators and will be held from this time on, until February 2014. 

Events are to be celebrated during the whole month of March 2014 (from 1st to 31st). Coordinators choose their dates within the month to be part of this worldwide event. (No events out of date are allowed).

Woman Scream International Poetry Festival is a well-known and reputed chain of events with the goal of celebrating Woman’s Month through poetry, arts, and promoting messages of self-teem, respect and nonviolence against women. Man and women poets and artist has joined this cause. Woman Scream has reached great success internationally in Press Medias, TV shows, digital press and Social Networks in Spanish and also other languages. This is due to the teamwork created the help of our coordinators that has joined this cause with respect, responsibility and self-conscience about this solidary cause. The main goal of Women Poets International Movement is to showcase women poets worldwide and motivate many others to write through festival, and other joint projects we created once in a while. Woman Scream International Poetry Festival serves as a platform were these talented women can raise their voices against abuse. However, Woman Scream has also served as a room not only for women poetess, actress and artists, but for men who have also joined this cause gladly, to sum their voices to this fair scream, and that’s fantastic! 

So, we extent this new calling seeking for new coordinators (men and women) to join this rightful fight, to become part of a higher purpose for the good sake of us all. We are open to questions, donations, and comments through all our contacts on Email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.). 


*Woman Scream written Guidelines are updated for 2014; please send us a request if you wish to join this cause. All coordinators must agree to these guidelines to become part of Woman Scream. We remind you our previous coordinators have preference over new ones. Thanks a lot for supporting this new calling! 

*This calling is only for events coordinators. Each one of them is responsible for participants.

Upcoming Event March 2014 


First list of participating countries launching on 

Nov. 25th The first list of participating countries will be announce on Nov 25th, 2013 International Day of Non-violence Against Women


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