Woman Scream 2013 was heard aloud

From bars to schools, from parks to congress, from computers to houses, from Dominican to Tanzania, we have raised our scream! Jael Uribe. 
In what could be called a strenuous and exhausting but highly satisfactory quest, we categorize as wonderful the work undertaken during the month of March 2013 in many places of the world, where we saw the Movement Women Poets
International MPI,  embark with the support of hundreds of institutions both private and governmental, literary groups, poets and artists: men, women and children in support of the great chain of worldwide events representing the Woman Scream International Poetry Festival,  to honor women and against violence for a culture of peace which, this year paid tribute to the pakistani Malala Yousufzai, candidate for the Nobel Prize of Peace, after her life attempt suffered triying to defend the right of girls and women to go to school in her country. 

Woman Scream is a collaborative effort, away from individualism that seeks to unify wills. The intent of the MPI is to support women's literature, specifically in poetry, and the goal of WS festival is to deliver messages for self-esteem, respect and value for women in society, uniting wills of both, men and women poets and artists for a just cause. Over thirty countries were the protagonists and over ninety events in different cities of the world were celebrated starting on the 1st. and ending  31st of March 2013. Each event was unique in its kind, with various activities from workshops, conferences, lectures, concerts, recitals, exhibitions, audiovisual, public events, among other interesting counting all activities with a social mission itself has become a motto for MPI and many other groups that support them.

Among the participating countries we highlight: Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Peru, Guatemala, Bolivia, Venezuela, Chile, Panama, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Honduras, USA, Canada, Germany, Russia, Luxembourg, France, Morocco, countries South Africa, Kosovo, Greece, Antigua and Barbuda, Tanzania, Israel, New Zealand, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, among others, in addition to various events in different cities and towns, some with up to 8 events in the course of the month, thereby providing a solid chain global solidarity. 


Women Poets International Movement MPI is extremely pleased with the results of this scream, which left a trail of publications in different medias: radio, television, and printed, as well as dozens of publications in digital medias and especially in the minds of the attending the events in different languages, who are the real target of this sum of  consciousness, contributing to his message of unity and dignity. 

To see more photos and photos of the worldwide events click HERE